Introductions are in Order

Hello everyone!

This site was originally a lifestyle blog but I have moved the contents to another blog page in WordPress (which has sadly died). I decided to keep this name for my written works — the short stories, the flash fiction pieces, and the blurbs from God-knows-where.

Currently, I am part of The Five Hundred community, a monthly flash fiction challenge website which provides prompts and posts the chosen submitted work based on said prompt. As of writing, I have three flash fiction pieces in this site: There You Were, Safe, and For Galaxy Girl. I have intentions of submitting in other writing websites and e-zines as well.

Now, for this blog page, I intend to share the works I haven’t submitted anywhere and have no intention of revamping for submission elsewhere and my writing notes and experience for the pieces posted in The Five Hundred and in this site.

Here’s hoping I’d find enough time to stay here. There’s so much to write… (and so many things to read too!)




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