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Note: This is one of the books I won over at Booklikes — the second one I won for free, to be exact. In return for the free e-book, I’d like to post an informal review of the book. By informal, I meant that it would simply contain my random thoughts on the story and nothing much more. I intend to do this for the books I get for free at Booklikes and Amazon so I have a lot of books to write about. :D

Let’s get this party started!

Here is the summary from Amazon.comA novel about coming-of-age during the tumultuous 1960s, exploring such disturbing topics as personal isolation, fear and depression, bullying, social and racial intolerance. Peppered with Lincoln folklore and history, it is a timeless tale of the power of love, empathy, and how the actions of one person can profoundly impact another.

This is the first e-book I ever read and I got hooked to the whole e-book reading experience. Of course, nothing beats actual books but e-books are more convenient. I read this sometime last year. I remembered wanting to write down my feels for this book. Apparently, I didn’t.

The novel is interesting for me because I am a history nut. I like how this novel played with the history of Abraham Lincoln and how the main story revolved around it. The main story also reminded me of this movie called “Amistad” although they are set in the same time period.

The main story reveals issues/conflict shown in a simple manner — nothing too complicated: Ezra being an African-American who had a shop where all races were welcome, John who was a victim in certain circumstances causing emotional and mental problems that a sixth grader cannot face alone, and the friendship of Andrea and Alfreda that is considered taboo outside school grounds and Ezra’s shop. What made the complications exist in the novel (and what made this novel a nice read) is how each issue is tied together along with the history of Abraham Lincoln. In all that, how does Lincoln even play a role in it? You have to read the book to find out more. :D

Overall, I give this book a five out of five. That is the same rating I gave it over at Booklikes.com. It’s a nice YA read. You can buy the book by clicking the Amazon.com link above.

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