Terrific Thursdays: Cards Against Humanity


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One of the games we played last Monday is called Cards Against Humanity. It is a fun but rather morbid and green game of matching at least two cards together, one as the question and the other as the answer.

The questions are either actual questions or fill-in-the-blanks type of questions. There are also instructions like “Make a haiku” (my favorite). The answers are either names (mostly American personalities from history or pop culture), objects (ranging from Adderal to dead bodies, practically anything and everything), or actions (such as frolicking). It’s bloody offensive but meh, my friends and I didn’t take it too seriously. I even won the game because I am, sadly, a very morbid person. =3=

My sister found out about bit through my IG account and pne of her favorite Youtube celebrities, danisnotonfire, also played it. Now, she also wants to play it. Hahaha. She found a free print out of the cards through the official website. You can get it through this link: http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/.

To end this post, here is the video of danisonfire playing the game. It is hella funny. Go watch and enjoy!


Writing Wednesdays: Nightmare


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I stand in front of clear glass, watching the world unfold from the other side alone.

I see clear skies, a field of rainbow-colored flowers, and shiny butterflies fluttering around… standing in the middle of it is the one I have been searching for.

I look from left to right, up and down, hoping to find an entrance into that world you breathe in.

I push against the glass, wanting to go back to you more than ever, to apologize for what I have done, and to be able to get that one more chance.

I cry out your name, screaming louder and louder because it appears that you don’t hear me.

I hit the glass with my small fists, hoping that its sound would reach you but it doesn’t.

I see you walk away, feeling tiny hands grasping at my limbs, dragging me toward the unknown, not looking back.

I gasp for air in the suffocating darkness, embracing death in every minute that passes.

I open my eyes, sensing the abrupt change of scenery — surrounded by concrete walls and other bedroom paraphernalia being touched by the light from outside the window, casting shadows in the room.

I sit up and take a deep breath, collecting myself and my thoughts on what happened. “Could this be just a dream?”

I sigh and lie down again on my own bed, seeking solace in sleep only to find darkness once again.


Nightmare, a poem written starting last Sunday, August 24 until August 28.

Last Sunday, I was rather anxious over something I did out of character. Maybe not out of character and suddenly felt like writing. I ended up with the first five lines with the original idea of permanent separation playing around it but now that I attempted to close it, it ended up becoming a nightmare.

Based on the text, what is the actual nightmare? To me, the actual nightmare would be the loneliness reflected in the dream and in reality. Feel free to discuss below if you have other views on this piece. I have not written poems in a while. :D


Tell-All Tuesdays: On My Sad, Shoujo (?) Manga-like Love Life


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I’ll get straight to the point: apparently, I am part rebound girl, part legit conquest.

Wow. Never been someone’s rebound girl. O_O

How does that make me feel? Honestly, I didn’t even know I was part rebound girl and didn’t want to consider being a legit conquest so I was pretty much unaffected by this whole thing but I do find this whole experience bizarre.

Apparently, there is a girl in Bacolod. Things didn’t go well. To my friends, it appeared like he crossed that girl’s name off his list and mine was next. I appeared to be someone who was just there. To his defense, his best friend said that it’s because there were many changes like how I lost weight (WHERE DID THAT HAPPEN? My sister said that it’s because I was wearing the right bra) so the guy wanted to get to know me more. As much as I was unaffected because I really held on to the whole friendship thing no matter how much every single instance pointed towards the other direction, one of my friends (the one who passed her thesis) asked his best friend to get it straight because I went through stuff* and she thinks that this (potential) relationship is going to create a rift** if this is going to become a thing. (I did not clarify whether he or I would be the cause of the rift. I assume it’s me, though.) The best friend confirmed that I was partly a legit conquest. Herp-derp. OTL

I did say that I accepted the invitation because he asked. Whether it goes awry or pleasant, I gain experience out of it as a writer. I still won some points when I went out with him. No harm, no foul. Just good clean fun so far. No dead people lying around. =3=

I also must get this out: There isn’t a shred of chance that it would go smoothly towards a happy-happy relationship because 1.) his happy-go-lucky and optimistic attitude will overpower me and kill me in the process, making me want to kill him; 2.) he is not going to make me a better person because he spoils me; and 3.) there is only one person*** who I’d agree to have a long distance relationship with and that’s not him. Whew.

Time to go through the asterisks!

*I think the stuff she is referring to is about this boy I played games with. I could be wrong, though, because I admittedly have gone through many things in life that make me write sad poetry and be all gloomy.

**To me, this is the real reason why I think I will create a rift: I am in love with another person*** for roughly nine freaking years, starting third year high school up until the present. If said person comes back to the Philippines and into my arms, I may become the biggest asshole and leave the other person — no matter what Johnny Depp said or how The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

***He is my lost love. I am working on accepting the fact that the boy is not straight (sexually gay, romantically bisexual, to quote him). Even if he is bisexual, he and I will never be together because we are oceans apart and have grown apart for so long that the possibility of loving one another is buried six feet under since the beginning.

With that being said, this is the main reason I am scared to find another person (let alone in our close-knit group) to love because these feelings have yet to die on its own for good. It did die many times during the times I have feelings for other people (such as the boy I played games with) but I don’t believe that finding another person is the solution to this. The feeling has been dead and alive again many times for too long. He has been 3000 miles away for seven years without no promise of returning and well, loving me back. Through this, I have learned that I can, apparently, wait forever for this one person to tell me that he loves me or that he would never love me because I am not a man. Hahaha. OTL /sooob

In other words, I appear available but I am not truly available. I am not free of my own feelings. I’d like to have a Naomi-type of realization (Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List), to be very honest. I want it to be something that I gradually accepted as hard as things are. I do think I’ll get there… just not now… or tomorrow.

But how does one free oneself from such deeply-rooted feelings? How would you go about this whole shebang? Haha.


Blogger Mondays: Officially Graduating with a JD Degree


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Given that I graduated with a degree in Legal Management, I have friends who have continued on to law school. I didn’t because 1.) I admittedly failed the exams, 2.) I didn’t fit the mould of a lawyer, and 3.) My heart lies elsewhere. (You won’t survive law school unless you really, really want it with your entire being.)

One of my ever-so-dearest friends passed her thesis last Tuesday. Her panelist even praised her work as academically brilliant or something to that effect. We are so proud of her up.

We decided to meet up today in order to celebrate. Unlike her peers, we didn’t prepare gifts and banners but yeah, we just didn’t roll like that. We ate pizza and pasta, her treat. XD

Then, we shared stories and updates. We normally share our lives over a game called Monkey Monkey but meh, we went straight to the point as we had limited time. I acquired so much new knowledge today. Haha.

The only thing I had to share was about that one-on-one thing I had with our other friend (more on this tomorrow, on Tell All Tuesdays). I really wanted to discuss that with someone besides my sister because it truly didn’t make sense to me looking at it with friendship glasses on. I thank my friend for bringing it up. (It sounds vain if I brought it up so yes, very very grateful.)

When we ran out of things to share, we ended up with games and laughter. XD

Anyway, more about friend. She is one of the most awesome people I’ve met. She’s spunky and really fun to be with. Now, she’s graduating with a law degree under her belt and will just need to take the exam in order to practice the profession. We are truly, truly proud of her and happy for her. This is our gang’s first biggest moment. (No one’s engaged or married yet so yes, I think this is the biggest moment yet.)

Our gang still has two more lawyers-in-the-making. Both will graduate with an Ll. B degree, not a JD degree. *To know the difference, click this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_education_in_the_Philippines. That explains things better and clearer. LOL.

We all look forward to more big big moments. As for me, I think my big moment would be if I publish a book, be the DJ for a show in fashion week, or graduate with a degree/certificate in fashion styling and make a name for myself out of it. I wonder~ Hehe.

What do you think would be your big moment with your friends? Care to share some of it? :3


Random Sundays: Best News of the Week!


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After I woke up from an hour nap this Sunday afternoon, I opened Tumblr and found the best news ever! Lang Leav, my favorite poet, is GOING BACK TO MANILA FOR A BOOKSIGNING! She said this in a response to a Tumblr inquiry.

Ah, my heart guts!!!

Lang Leav is publishing another poetry book called Lullabies. The cover is shown below:

It will be out worldwide on September 16, 2014 but selected bookstores outside the country (Kinokuniya in Singapore) have it earlier. Also, online shops such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and The Book Depository are taking pre-orders for the book. Here are links from Lang Leav’s Facebook album:

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/lullabiesamazon
Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/lullabiesbn
The Book Depository: http://tinyurl.com/lullabiesbookdep (FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING including India and The Philippines.)

I can’t wait to meet Lang Leav again. It was such a dream come true to meet her once. Meeting her again makes it all the more worthwhile. This time, I swear I will not be close to tears and choke. I’d actually exchange words with her — more than just thank you. I can give her a gift this time around! X3

I wonder which bookstore will host this wonderful affair… :P


NEWS SOURCE LINK: http://langleav.com/post/95621265036/are-you-doing-any-book-singings-in-the-us-for-your-new
IMAGE AND INFO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.797679106951164.1073741830.175921115793636

Eventful Saturdays: Bookshelves Overhaul


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After reading the first chapter of “The Happiness Project” which states that de-cluttering and organizing is a good first step towards happiness, I’ve decided to do just that last Saturday.

I normally rearrange my shelves every April and October, which are also known as summer vacation and semestral break. I have done this until I gradyated college. When I started working, it was difficult to find time in those months so I clean whenever I can.

My current shelves are an explosion of books. I have not been able to properly place my new additions and I have left my bookstack the recent top 10 for Lucy contest on the desk even after the contest. So… yep. Messier than ever. OTL

For this, I’ve decided to keep some of the books where they are — like my two Harry Potter sets (I have two because I won the set with the new covers during MIBF the other year), my Nancy Drew series, my vampire shelf (hello Laurell k. Hamilton, Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Kisses, and the oddball in the shelf — I should find a better place for it — Wicked, not the one with Elphaba, series) and my large wall of manga among others. That saves me some time in rearranging and piling.

My shelves are already full since a year or two ago. I am left with no choice but to display the newer books over the old ones. I obviously put my faves on top so that I could keep track of the books I have whenever I get new acquisitions. Ahehehe.

I just kept piling on and randomly posting some of my bookish adventures on IG. I found two of my favorite books, Geling Yan’s “The Lost Daughter of Happiness” and Adam David’s “The El Bimbo Variations” and happily placed them on the shelves after taking their photos.

Epitaph from The El Bimbo Variations

My classics remaines on the bottom shelf and well, I have no additions to it. I want nice Austen unabridged books to add to my collection but yeah, YA and booksignings are prioritized. Someday, I suppose. :/ Also, my fashion books aren’t on my shelves because… well, they’re in a basket nearby. There is no space just yet. I want a nice fashion books shelf. =w=

After an hour and 45 minutes, I am able to finish rearranging the books. It’s cleaner now. Whee!


Tall Shelf:

Short Shelf:

I feel happier and more fulfilled already! Haha. Cleaning up brings in more positive energy into the room! Hehe.

Now, back to reading~


Fashion Fridays: The Idea Behind My Karimadon Entry


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I finished it!!! Just in case you didn’t see the last post, here’s what my entry looks like:

I am no artist. I can’t draw to save the world; it is passable to save my life, though. The first idea I had came from two things: Tinkerbell and tulip skirts. Here are photos of the my drafts:

I had a fairy inspiration going on and when I showed my draft to my sister, she looked at me and said, “Seriously? Tinkerbell green?” I gave it some thought and I shuddered. That was too bright for glam night.

Then, the idea grew and became a tulip skirt merged with a mermaid skirt. I drew it again and eventuually found this image on Tumblr. Aha, basis! According to Google, this is a Maison Yeya wedding dress. Thank you, Yasmine Yeya, for this wonderful inspirational piece.

Eventually, I had to draw it on the board and I have no way of connecting the cocktail dress with the long gown so… I decided to put a patch of lace on the cocktail dress. It is a classy way to show some skin.

Then, Rihanna came into mind and I wanted the lace to glitter — shining bright like a diamond — and well, Rihanna had shownn herself in that crystal encrusted nude dress where she looked totally sexy. I want the lace to be similar to the fabric of Rihanna’s dress. So I incorporated glitters on the dress and Rihanna on my moodboard.

I finalized the name to Sparkling Diamond because, if you’re attending a big gala, you’d want to steal the scene and sparkle like a big, freaking diamond. So yep. Sparkling Diamond!

Then, I got glitter happy last Thursday and added studs on the sleeves. Yep, those weren’t planned. Ahahaha.

Now, moodboard-making time. I don’tt like to brag but I made killer moodboards back in Fashion Marketing class in college. I decided to apply that skill here so I got photos of all the elements — Rihanna in her nude dress, the base gown, parties, hourglass, and classic white tulips. But I forgot to search for the most crucial thing — diamonds. I cut up some rings and jewelry I found in the magazines lying around to complete the board.

The deadline’s on August 30 and I intend to pass it today. (Yep, this is a queued post~) :3

Wish me (and my sister, who had more awesome designs) luck! :)


Wedding Gown – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/130463720429423587/ (Couldn’t find the Tumblr link :/)
Yasmine Yeya’s website – http://www.maisonyeya.com
Rihanna – http://fashionista.com/2014/06/rihanna-see-through-dress-cfda-awards

Terrific Thursdays: Holiday Spent Right


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In the Philippines, August 21st is considered a holiday wherein we celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day. Besides the actual meaning of the holiday (to celebrate the life and death of one of our national heroes, Ninoy Aquino), that means that private offices are closed and the employees are free to do as they please.

Instead of going out, I slept in and enjoyed the holiday by being productive. I actually did many things that day and I couldn’t be even prouder and happier that I did. Haha.

First thing was that I finished my Karimadon contest entry by actually coloring it, adding more details to the dress, and pasting the inspirational photos. I have decided to talk more about it in the next post, though, so I won’t be discussing this in further detail. Here is what it looks like:

Next productive thing I did was take photos of the clearance items and posting it on the store’s Facebook page. I mentioned in our store that I seemed to have lost the original photos. It could also be non-existent but I do remember taking photos so… I don’t know really. It didn’t take me too long to make the photos look nice, thanks to ever-so-reliable Photogrid.

Click here to see the clearance sale album!

Third productive thing was that I managed to fill out five entries for this raffle draw sponsored by GMA, a large TV station in the country. We’re hoping to get a appliance package, if we win, but the other smaller prizes are not bad either.

The last thing I did that day was actually finishing backlog blog posts and queuing them up. I managed to post six so by Saturday, I’d only be a week late. Still late but hey, I only need seven posts to catch up on the days and post normally again.

That’s a whole lot to take in but I am quite satisfied that I chose to stay at home and enjoyed my activities. Hehe.

How’d you spend your mid-week holiday? :D


Writing Wednesdays: Glad You Came


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My universe will never be the same.

As the world plunged into chaos, I found myself at peace. The darkness was falling apart like paint chipping off walls. Light shone through the gray clouds, showing many silver linings above us. Were you a silver lining in my life?

Before you entered into my life, there was no clarity. I had been used and abused by my own demons and monsters. I had thought of nothing else but despair. This gloom was my playground. I dwelt in it. I bathed in it. I breathed in it. All these toxins had destroyed my entire being — my heart, my mind, and my soul.

But through this darkness, I found you. I sat beside you, just holding your hand. Watching that universe fall apart slowly. I held on tighter. Calmness overflowed from me to you.

Thank you.

I’m glad you came.


Glad You Came, a flash fiction story inspired by The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”

I heard a cover of this song being played on the radio and it was stuck with me at work last Wednesday. I ended up writing something on paper but then again, I ended up re-writing it for this blog on Saturday night, after trying to hunt down the cover I heard on the radio… but I couldn’t find it. :(

I hope that you enjoyed this new piece. :D


Tell-All Tuesdays: UB Reader and Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina


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Since my phone is fixed, I was able to download an e-book reader. I have been meaning to do that for a while. I owe many writers reviews for the e-books I won over at Booklikes and books I got at random places on the net. I downloaded a UB Reader. :D

The first book I’ve decided to read was Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”. I have seen the Keira Knightley movie based on the book and have been itching to read it. I have a pdf file but it’s over 700 pages long; I wouldn’t print that. The UB Reader helped me get started starting last Tuesday (until last Thursday, after getting distracted by “The Happiness Project”).

Reading Anna Karenina wasn’t what I expected at all. I’ve reached Chapter 15 which is around 15 minutes of the whole movie. The book only mentioned Anna once (and the movie said that Stiva asked her to come and persuade Dolly but all the book said was that Anna was coming) and yet, she has been seen in many scenes in the first 15 to 30 minutes. I do understand that movies are more fast-paced compared to the book and honestly, I did not mind its fast pace.
I should just read faster. Haha.

Here’s the scenes in the movie that I remember from the book (but not in the same order as the book):

Dolly finding out about Stiva’s affair

Levin meeting Stiva and talking about Kitty (minus the two men Stiva was meeting at that time)








Without her

Stiva and Levin eating dinner

It's so unfair

You marry for love

You're a good husband

Children arrive

Wife is tired






Freshly baked

love vs appetite

Levin proposing to Kitty

Levin finding out about his brother (but not from his step-brother but from a colonel which is weird)



Have you seen this awesome movie? What about the book? Have you read it? Which one do you prefer? :D



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