Random Sundays: Holy Week Activities


I originally planned on doing yoga, juicing, reading, writing, and sleeping. My family doesn’t have any form of activity during the Holy Week. We don’t visit churches nor go to the beach for a vacay. This year, though, is different. My mother uprooted all of us and made us stay in the province for three days. It sounds like it’s not such a bad deal but it’s a challenging weekend due to some inconveniences starting with my plans.

On our first day, we got out early and still faced traffic. We also waited for our relatives to catch up to us at the first gas station in the NLEX. My siblings and I had fun eating around because it was an early and long wait. Here’s one of our food-people photos that morning~ ;3;

Then, due to some car accident, we were stuck in NLEX for a couple of hours. We reached our first stop by 11am. Our original estimate was 9am. ;O; We finally got out of it and finally entered the San Simon exit. Soon enough, we reached our first stop, my grandparents’ grave. (My grandparents share the grave.) I haven’t been here in years so it was a nice thing that we got to visit. (A breeze greeted us there too.) :D

Then, off to grandma’s house! It’s not the usual Filipino ancestral house. It’s a cement house built in the early 2000′s when the government had to reclaim the land and make roads with it. My grandparents had farms and fish ponds which are now passed on to my uncles.

There is no TV, no wifi, and no functioning toilets. But hey, there is aircon and pretty decent beds so I spent most of my day sleeping. There is nothing much to explore and we’re not allowed to explore so sleeping, if not playing Scrabble or reading a book, is our main activity inside the house. We were there for an hour and my bro and I started our first game!

Oh, must not forget eating! We ate every other hour – breakast (rice and hotdog/fish), lunch (rice and seafood/chicken/deep-fried pork), merienda (usually halo-halo), dinner (rice and seafood on both days). All heavy! Carbs everywhere. Everywhere! But hey, you don’t get good seafood everyday so this is one heck of a cheat vacay! ;3;

Anyway, my mother brought my siblings fishing on our first and second days. The second day was more fruitful since they actually caught fish. We were at our uncle’s fishpond at 8am to go fishing. My brother caught four relatively tiny fish. My sister caught two. My aunt was lucky; a crab got stuck on her line! *These became lunch!*

On our third day, we went to the ocean. It wasn’t much of a beach or a resort for tourists. It’s for the locals to go on a quick, free dip and to go clam-hunting. You can actually get the clams yourself if you know how to dive and have the necessary materials to pry them off. My mom and my aunt bought freshly caught clams and oysters from a fisherman before wading into the ocean. =3=

We went home on the third day. I was pretty beat until Sunday night. But it was worthwhile despite the inconvenience. It was a pretty awesome break from everything.

*Sadly, nothing inspired me to write there. :))

Where did you spend your Holy Week? :D


Blogger Mondays: Announcement


In observance of the Holy Week, I will not be posting anything for (Holy) Tuesday (technically today) until (Black) Saturday. I’ll be back by Easter so the next post will be on Sunday or Monday next week, depending on my Easter day activities. *We normally have egg hunts but I don’t get up early so I have nothing left to hunt by the time I wake up. DX

As for my poem sideblog, I’ll post what I can. So far, I’m working on three this morning. I’ll see if I can post them tonight over there to catch up. I only have ten poems so far and it’s already April 15th. *____*

Take care now and see you on Sunday!


Random Sundays: Cowboy Bebop at Home // SPOILERS GALORE *_*


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I spent another weekend at home. I was tired and although there is a anime/toy convention this weekend, I decided to sleep in and stay at home. This heat can kill!

My afternoon was filled with Cowboy Bebop. I have been meaning to watch this and I finally got a chance. Cowboy Bebop is one of the old anime I have loved back when I was young. I saw this when I was around twelve or older. It didn’t seem appropriate at the time but it was animated so I didn’t care much. I still adore this series even after all this time (gah! I feel so old) and I fully understood the story more.

It’s a story about Spike and his life as a bounty hunter. Along with Jet, Faye, Ed, and Ein, they roam around the solar system searching for bad guys to bring to the police to cash in. Earth, at that time, is a complete wasteland and the other planets have areas that remind us of certain countries.

Anyway, what made the story more interesting is the characters and their backstories unveiling one by one. For instance, Faye Valentine was cryogenically preserved for fifty years. She has no memory whatsoever prior her preservation. Then, there’s Edward, the computer genius/hacker, who’s actually a girl, from Earth. I like how each of their backstories came out and are integrated into the main story.

I want to talk about some spoiler-ful stuff so feel free to stop reading or go on if you wish. I warned you, alright? LOL.

SPIKE is truly dead. Spike’s Wiki page in Cowboy Bebop Wiki says that there’s no confirmation if he is dead and that Shinichiro Watanabe, director, wishes to keep it that way. Continuing it seems to be headed to a downward spiral so it’s best to leave it to the audience to think about it. That is simply genius; he made room for fanfiction! Hahaha. But yes, I do think he’s dead. Throughout the series, a bunch of guys did try to kill Spike but no one could. Only Vicious could. Vicious was once his partner and friend. They also loved the same girl, Julia. It’s fitting that he gets to kill Spike. It does both of them justice. I think Julia, Vicious, and Spike dying served justice for all of them.

With regard to JULIA and her relationships, unlike the comments written on her page, I don’t think she’s a prostitute passed around the syndicate. I think she’s a civilian who just happened to fall in love with a syndicate member. She’s dressed like a housewife and appears to be seen only inside a room or a house in the flashbacks from Spike. If Vicious is truly ‘vicious’ (no pun intended), no one would ever touch or talk to Julia. I see Vicious as someone possessive. Spike is an exception because of the events that led to them meeting and falling in love.

FAYE, on the other hand, I think she has developed feelings for Spike in the very end. She did try to stop him and get him to stay. Of course, she failed to do that. Julia was everything she wasn’t. Even if Julia died, Spike will still continue to chase after Julia or better yet, what’s left of Julia. (I think this is one more reason why Spike had to kill Vicious.) Meeting Julia for the first time showed her why she lost the battle even before she tried.

Lastly, I think that Ed and Ein leaving the Bebop is symbolized the end of their less-than-perfect group. (It is also another reason why I think Spike is truly dead.) I suppose Ed found herself a family in the Bebop crew. With Faye gone, I think she got the idea that the “family” she found will fall apart soon. (I don’t think it’s because of her dad being alive.) So she chose to leave. Ein just ends up following Ed.

So that’s it for my thought dump on Cowboy Bebop. I now need another anime to watch. =3=b


MAIN SOURCE LINK FOR INFO AND PHOTO *u*: http://cowboybebop.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

*NOTE: I know that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and that the info can probably be wrong but after reading it, I think it’s true enough. :D

Eventful Saturdays: Bookcase Spring Cleaning!


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I spent a part of my afternoon arranging my book shelves. I have been meaning to fix it for around a year or so. I normally fix it every April and October – during the holidays – and last year has been pretty mean and busy. I wasn’t able to find time at all and my books started travelling all over the room. They’re stacked in neat piles on tables, on other shelves, and the floor.

I got up and gathered all my books and arranged them into a fort of sorts. It’s a pretty ugly fort given the cramped space. My floor is home to many foreign objects not supposed to be on the floor. Haha.

When it came to arranging things back on the shelf, I still don’t know whether to arrange them by author, by genre, by special meaning (aka signed books), or whatnot. Right now, I managed to do it by author and genre but I found out that I don’t have enough room to do that so some chic lit is mixed with YA and fantasy on one shelf. No photos yet coz I’m not done. Why? I still have no room to fit all of them neatly. (I can’t get another bookshelf into the room. There’s literally no more room. D:)

I managed to store the old book series inside a container where I can store them for life. I didn’t give up finding more Sweet Valley Kids and other Mary-Kate and Ashley pocket books just yet but they are eating space. I need more room for YA. The container I have managed to keep all of my Sweet Valley books and a couple of MK and A. I still have some on the shelves but I want them all in containers to make more room. I am also debating whether or not to keep the manga in containers. I like the manga where it is, though.

Anyway, this is just one of my bookworm problems. I could sell the books I don’t want/remember anymore but a bunch of those are gifts from my aunt who brought them here from the US.

Have you ever encountered this dilemma and how did you solve it? I sure would love some suggestions from you guys.

Anj <3

Fashion Fridays: Something From the 90′s!


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I was looking around at Etsy. I found this:

It’s one heck of a flashback from the 90′s! My initial reaction was, “OH THEY STILL EXIST… IN POLAND.” I remember having the exact choker necklace back in 1997. I was young and selfies weren’t even possible so I have no photos to prove this. OAO

They were a rage back then. They looked pretty cool alongside temporary tattoos that stick to your skin after getting wet by water. I don’t really know when  they died but as early as 2012, they are back. This photo below is from a Tokyo Fashion post posted on August 2012. There’s another post posted by Lorina Heartly on June 2012 showcasing many shots of Japanese fashionistas wearing tattoo chokers from Tokyo Fashion.

There’s also another post posted on July 2012 showing Katy Perry wearing this and that it comes in OTHER COLORS. I only know that it’s black.

In my opinion, these would look cool for summer but I don’t see it trending at this point in time. Gold is this season’s accessory color and gold accessories are normally metal and not plastic. (I couldn’t find the online version of the article from Metro Magazine – March 2014 but they have noted that gold accessories are trending this season. ;A;)

So… not at this point in time. It’s too soon for it to come back after 2012.

What do you guys think?


- ETSY LINK: https://www.etsy.com/listing/162852104/90s-tattoo-choker-bracelet-ring-set
- TOKYO FASHION: http://tokyofashion.com/shorts-thigh-highs-white-chiffon-robe/
- LORINA HEARTLY: http://aprilfoolromance.blogspot.com/2012/06/tattoo-choker-necklaces-tattoo.html
- COLORED ONES: http://whatthehellz.com/wordpress/2012/07/18/rad-or-bad-tattoo-chokers/

Terrific Thursdays: Lupin the III Live Action Movie Photos!


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I was scrolling happily on Twitter and I find this: PHOTOS FROM THE LUPIN THE THIRD LIVE ACTION MOVIE. GASP!

I saw it and admittedly, I fangirled a bit. I am not a fan of Oguri Shun but I know he’s a good actor. I’ve seen a lot of his dramas and this is something different from his previous roles. Same goes for Meisa Kuroki. She is a fitting Fujuko Mine — beautiful and full of charisma.

Here’s the 411 on the movie and its cast:

Shun Oguri as Lupin
Tetsuji Tamayama as Daisuke Jigen
Gou Ayano as Goemon Ishikawa
Meisa Kuroki as Fujiko Mine
Tadanobu Asano as Detective Kōichi Zenigata

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
Scripwriter: Mataichirō Yamamoto

PREMIERE DATE: August 30, 2014

Ah, I can’t wait! I am a fan of Lupin the III. For me, Lupin is a Robin Hood-esque character with many character flaws like being easily fooled by Fujiko or any beautiful woman. It’s a fun action-comedy anime that I wouldn’t mind marathon-ing. (I actually did that once. So much fun!)

I hope there are more stills soon!


- Livedoor News for the Photo: https://twitter.com/livedoornews/status/453710739534925824
- 411 Text: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=700703099986223&set=a.161488063907732.36681.161458020577403
- For More Details: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-11-26/lupin-iii-gets-live-action-film-in-summer-2014-starring-shun-oguri

Writing Wednesdays: The Other Sister, a poem for NaPoWriMo


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NOTE: I know I was supposed to post another poem but nothing really came through. This poem is the most recent one I posted at my poem sideblog. I wrote this because none of the Cinderella stories featured the other sister as a more complex character. Anastasia gets it better from Disney and other Cinderella-based films. (Ever After is a favorite. The Anastasia in that movie had character development. :D) This is a tribute to that other sister, Druzella.

Quarter to eight:
I am so excited for this date.
I put on more rogue.
I just have to be in vogue.

Half past eight:
I am glad that I’m not late.
I waltz into the ball.
It’s so pretty; I feel so small.

Half past nine:
It’s time to dine.
Will the dancing start soon?
I look outside and see the moon.

Almost ten:
The other girls dance with other men.
Dance with me, if you please.
I promise I will not tease.

Half past ten:
I sit here patiently like a hen.
I stay, waiting for you.
There’s nothing more to do.

Quarter after eleven:
She looks like she’s in heaven.
Why is everybody smiling?
My hair is now drooping.

Two minutes before midnight:
She runs away with all her might.
That is an interesting sight to see.
Will you now dance with me?

Minutes after twelve:
Please do not delve.
She doesn’t matter anymore.
I am the one you should adore.

A while later:
You seem decided on this matter.
How are you going to look for her?
Why do that when you can have another?

Quarter before one:
The ball is done.
I wallow in defeat.
Anastasia hands me a treat.

Quarter after one:
I weep and wait for the sun.
I really want to be with you.
How can I show that it’s true?

Half past eight:
I don’t feel that great.
My eyes are puffy.
The room feels stuffy.

Half past ten:
I stand up again.
I join my mother and sister.
But they look like they’re in a twister.

Soon enough:
They explain after I cough.
We received a letter about last night.
They wish to end their plight.

I smile and laugh; I move forward.
If the shoe fits, I’ll be his.
This is an opportunity I will not miss.

Fifteen minutes after one:
I am dressed up and done.
I wear my best day dress.
Of course, I aim to impress.

At two o’clock and not a minute longer:
There he is in all his splendor.
His butler carries the shoe in question.
It’s time for a shoe-fitting session.

Five minutes inside the parlor:
I sit down and squeeze harder.
I really want the shoe to fit.
But after struggling, I stop in defeat.

A minute after that feat:
Cinderella shows her dainty feet.
Her foot slips on with ease.
How can it end like this?

At the end of the day:
There’s nothing more to say.
I didn’t even get a chance.
I really just want one dance.

Three minutes before midnight.
I look at the pretty moonlight.
I close my eyes and take a step forward.
In the end, I’m just a big coward.


Tell-All Tuesdays: My Love for the Parasol Protectorate


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As I have mentioned before, I would write another blog post about Gail Carriger’s book series, The Parasol Protectorate. This series is about Alexia Tarabotti, a preternatural or a ‘soulless’ human being whose touch can neutralize the undead. Basically, she can turn werewolves and vampires into living people and exorcise ghosts. The story exists in the Victorian era merged with the Industrial era. They have inventions like glassicals and aerograph transmitters and the like. The five novels take us through Alexia’s life at the age of 26, a spinster’s age at that time, which becomes a roller coaster ride filled with love, mystery, suspense, action, humor, and drama. YES, IT HAS EVERYTHING!

I honestly fell in love with this series the moment I went through the first out of the five books entitled “Soulless”. I immensely enjoyed reading about her life entangled with a bunch of fine and amusing characters. There is Alexia’s best friend, Ivy Hisselpenny, a girl with rather questionable taste in hats. Then, there’s a homosexual vampire, Lord Akeldama, and his ‘drone-y poos’ who donate their blood to him. There’s also Lord Maccon, werewolf Alpha, and his Beta, Professor Lyall. Madame Lefoux, inventor, dresses up in male outfits, causing quite a scandal. It’s fun getting to know each and every one and how they are related to Alexia. That is my number one reason for recommending this series to anyone who loves to read a wide variety of books.

Being in the Victorian era, the series is narrated in old English accent. The dialogue is also spoken in old English. That is one of the nicest things about this novel; I find the language’s tone beautiful and real. It’s a hoot! Reading it really sucked me into their world and I just can’t get enough!

The story is simply wonderful and I love it to bits. Five books isn’t enough but Ms. Carriger already noted that the fifth one’s the last. It ended properly enough but my fangirl heart wants more! Then, I found the manga/graphic novel, “Soulless” which is based on the series, drawn by REM.

I have managed to find scans of its graphic novel entitled “Soulless” and I had a wonderful time reading through it — enough to keep my fangirl heart alive. Thank you to Random Scans for making it available to those who cannot buy this locally. It’s like how I imagined the series to be with a few exceptions on some characters but meh, the manga definitely gave the series justice so I took it all in. I also have some screencaps for you guys!

Alexia and Lord Maccon

Alexia and Lord Maccon

Ivy Hisselpenny~

Professor Lyall and his glassicals

Lord Akeldama. I imagined him to look a tad bit older but this is better!


The Anubis form of Lord Maccon. This is cute.

Madame Lefoux. I imagined her with more boobs even though the books mentioned that she may be mistaken as a guy which meant that she is flat-chested. This works well.


Last photo: a closer look at one of Ivy’s questionable hats. Bob~!

Once again, thanks so much to Random Scans. Please scan the third volume soon. Of course, this is piracy but as mentioned, I cannot get this locally. I, however, plan on ordering the graphic novels once it’s completed and come with a box. It’s cheaper that way, I hope.

Please support Gail Carriger by buying her Parasol Protectorate books and manga. The books come in a boxed set at Amazon! It’s an awesome read so don’t ever hesitate to get it. I’ll leave the links below. :D

Still on a Parasol Protectorate high,

- Manga Scans: http://kickthekitty.blogspot.com/2013/12/random-scans-soulless-v1-v2.html
- Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate set @ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Parasol-Protectorate-Boxed-Set-Changeless/dp/0316212261
- Gail Carriger and REM’s Soulless graphic novels @ Amazon:
— 1: http://www.amazon.com/Soulless-Manga-Vol-Parasol-Protectorate/dp/0316182036
— 2: http://www.amazon.com/Soulless-Manga-Vol-Parasol-Protectorate/dp/0316182060
— 3: http://www.amazon.com/Soulless-Manga-Vol-Parasol-Protectorate/dp/031618201X
- Gail Carriger’s blog: http://gailcarriger.livejournal.com/

Blogger Mondays: That Amazing? Haircut


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Last Saturday, I mentioned getting a haircut and talking about that haircut on Monday. So… tada. :))

I decided to get a long layered cut to get rid of the knots and the split ends. Grown out layers is one of the top five hairstyles for spring. I have done the other hairstyles and I will look terribly fat in an asymmetrical pixie ‘do. Sadly, I think my hair is not really layered that well but meh, I got myself a P50 ($1) haircut. =3=

My hair was apparently very long already if straightened! OAO

It’s now this short but not straight.

I honestly miss my straight hair but since I wear wigs nowadays, I do not think it’s wise to keep it straight. There’s too much commitment to the straightness of the hair and I cannot bunch it up without feeling guilty about it. Wigs have 0 commitment when it comes to haircare. I get to have my hair red today and pink tomorrow. So yay for wigs!

My hair right now is a curly mess. I feel like Hagrid on most days so I can’t share it yet. I am currently looking for ways to make it all better but meh, I have none so far. I still have split ends, apparently. I have been using the wrong brush. ;A;

That’s all from me for now. May I find the hair care regiment I need to make my hair look tame. :))


Random Sunday: Filipino K-pop Love!


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Last Sunday, there were two K-pop events scheduled, one being K-pop Cosplay Convention 4 in SM Megamall and 2NE1 All Or Nothing Fan Launch in SM North Edsa. I managed to go to both events (so I was freakishly tired for the past couple of days; thank God for mid-week holidays) and managed to have good, clean K-pop fun.

First event of that day was the K-pop Cosplay Convention 4. As the name states, there would be cosplay competitions along with other Korean culture-related events. Most of the other events involved eating (ramen, Pepero, ice cream…) and gaming. The first thing my friend and I did was roam around at the merchandise area. There wasn’t anything interesting besides FINDING BOYS IN THE CITY: TOKYO BEING SOLD FOR P1500. I found it on our second round of roaming and I really didn’t let it go. I had a deal with the seller. I made the downpayment will play the rest after Holy Week. HOLY MOTHER OF K-POP, I FINALLY HAVE THE BOTC 2!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH.

My actual “merchandise” from this con is make-up from The Face Shop. They were on sale so… yeah. I couldn’t resist. I consulted my sister to see what we need from what is being sold. Teehee. I must absolutely have a face-up post soon. My sister will not help me make the Gain face-up. :(

There were individual and group cosplayers. There were two cosplayers for SNSD’s latest song, Mr. Mr. I have a photo of Sunny!

There’s also a lot of EXO and 2NE1. This is my favorite CL cosplayer ever! How she did the hair, I will never know. She had a group cosplay performance and you know, their performance rocked! I wish I took a video and all. ;A;

Another fun thing that happened in this con is that they had a marriage booth, similar to the ones in school fairs. Fun enough, they married CL and G-Dragon cosplayers. I only have the photo of the first marriage, someone from the K-pop cosplay community and a random fan LOL. :))

The rather awkward segment here was the League of Legends segment. I do understand that Korea has a big gaming community but I don’t think everyone knows that. Kyuhyun and Heechul (from SJ) like to play video games with the Kyuhyun being an expert of some sort. It was rather fun, watching the video about it and then, watching the event afterwards. They had a trivia game and gamer boys went wild. Haha. *That is one of the reasons why I like gamer boys — very passionate.

There are two somehow-abused songs by cosplay groups — A-Pink’s NoNoNo and Girl’s Day’s Something. Both songs were played twice by groups. That was how I found out that A-Pink’s song is LSS-inducing. I was actually singing NoNoNo in my head afterwards. Here are the MVs of the two songs for you to check out. I find both songs agreeable. ;)

A-Pink’s NoNoNo – totally adorbs!

Girl’s Day’s Something – is really something. I find it sexy and alluring in its own way but I still think Ga-in is the sexiest K-pop star alive.

I also found this song by Soyu and JungGigo called “Some” very adorable. Baro and Dasom are in it and the acting’s pretty cute! I now have a new favorite song. Teehee~

After the hiphop/rapping game with Austin Lee (famous underground hip-hop artist who will be invading Manila’s hip-hop scene this year), my friend and I left. I headed for my next event — the 2NE1 concert fan launch. I mentioned dressing up and so I did — only to find out that I was terribly mistaken about the whole thing.

Before I talk about this rather embarrassing display, let me talk about the event first. I got there past five and watched as the hosts organized the contestants for the dance battle. The gay host was really funny and the female host guided the whole event through. After the dance battle, there was a performance by Sapphire followed by a game of Hep-Hep-Hooray and the “Be Spotted” game. (The performance made me realize how pretty Dasuri Choi is and wondered why she isn’t a K-pop star.)

Now, time to talk about the embarrassing part. I did dress up, adding all elements that make 2NE1′s fashion their own. I was prepared to explain it and the names of their designers too like Jeremy Scott. Eventually, I did get “spotted” and was asked to come up on stage. Why stage? That was weird because when one says “spotted”, people just dress up and wait for a camera and eventually explain the outfit. There is no stage. There’s just a photo op. That’s what that meant in the fashion biz and what I prepared for.

What I did not prepare for was a talent portion. ;A;

So, given my full bangs and red hair, I said I was Park Bom. God knows that my bias is CL and not Bom. I know nothing about her except that she sings particularly high and that she loves corn. Both very useless bits of info. There was another Bom who went with a full costume — the one Bom wore for an MV. Then, since Bom is the main vocals, we were asked to sing. I was doomed. I couldn’t sing Bom’s parts but I STILL SANG. I SANG IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE IN KOREAN.


I lost and got a Pulp mag out of it. I was still thankful because the next part involves dancing to Come Back Home which I honestly haven’t seen. I only listened to it. So… yeap. That was that. No ticket but I had something crossed out of the standard bucket list of people — sing in front of a live audience alone.

Days after, I thought that I could’ve turned it around if I told them honestly what I prepared for. Maybe if I explained what I wore, it would’ve saved me. But then again, that gay host would’ve thrown me over and all. He tried making the audience laugh by insinuating that I was a drag queen and by saying that I was Little Red Riding Hood and not Bom. Oh well. I still have my research which I will be using for Fashion Fridays. Hahaha.

So that’s my K-pop-filled Sunday. I had oodles of fun but was dead tired until Wednesday. XD


PS: Sorry for the crappy photos. OTL


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