Eventful Saturdays: Butler from Hell!


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When I found out that the live-action movie of Kuroshitsuji will be shown in the theaters in July, I was ecstatic. Written by Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji is one of the mangas and animes I really like for its story, its art, and its clothes. Victorian era! I have been anticipating to see Kuroshitsuji because it is the comeback project of Mizushima Hiro, one of my favorite Japanese actors, after going on hiatus to take care of his wife.

My sister and I made a deal. We’ll watch Kuroshitsuji as part of her 19th birthday whatnots. Once she got home from school, we headed to the nearest SM and watched the movie. It was a short trip to this mall but it was raining to I was partially drenched. ;A;

I put money inside my SM E-Plus card so that we don’t have to line up to get tickets. I loaded it the previous night so we’re ready to go. There’s normally a priority lane for this card and I get a free movie pass after watching five movies whose tickets I paid for using this card.

I must say that I am fairly disappointed in SM Fairview’s cinemas. The people behind the counter weren’t really rude but they could’ve at least apologized for not being able to use the priority lane because they were undermanned. One woman just pointed us to line-up and I think they called for a guard to handle the situation in case I start being bitchy. I get that there’s another counter — the normal counter with five people lined up already. I have a card to avoid lining up but in the end, I still lined up. What was the point of the card now? But meh, I went there to do what I have to do so I just lined up and bought our tickets. OTL

(Note: I will not watch at this cinema anymore; no wonder few people go there to watch movies.)

Given that the movie is an SM Exclusive, there is a discount applied. A ticket for this movie costs Php180 but with this card, I got a ticket worth P170. I originally thought that the discount would be for each ticket but no, it only applied to one. Oh well. D:

Now, onto the movie! The movie itself is only lightly based on the Kuroshitsuji manga and anime. It doesn’t follow the actual story with Ciel as Sebastian’s master. This movie is set somewhere in the future given the technology. (I’m guessing it’s around 2017 to 2024 because the parents died on October 17, 2010 and the lead character is 17 when the events of the movie happened.) The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Victorian era merges with a futuristic era.

Shiori Genpo is the current head of the Phantomhive family, who changed its name to Genpo a few generations ago. Her parents, similar to Ciel, were murdered by stranger. Afterwards, she made a contract with Sebastian who becomes her butler. She crossdresses into Kiyoharu in order to get the power of the Genpo household because only men are able to inherit the title, the money, and the power. She is also set on avenging her parents which is done by being the Queen’s watchdog.

In this movie, she is on a quest to stop the murders of the foreign officials in her country. The victims were all mummified and left with a Demon Card. She goes through all these challenges and dangers in order to solve this mystery. Along the way, a clue about her parents’ murderers appear. She must find a way to stop the murders and avenge her parents.

If you are familiar with the world of Kuroshitsuji, this story line is totally outside of that world. Shiori/Kiyoharu is the living descendant of Ciel and Sebastian still serves the Phantomhive family. Tanaka is still there although he, too, is most likely a descendant. The maid, Lyn, is the descendant of Meirin. The cook, Baldroy, and the gardener, Finnian, A representation of Madame Red is also in the movie, Shiori’s Aunt Hanae Wakatsuki. Grell wasn’t there but Aunt Hanae has a male assistant. The Undertaker is also there but this movie’s Undertaker is more fashionably flashy than the original Undertaker.

I honestly found the story amusing although I think that Shiori is not as smart as Ciel. There were points wherein she can order Sebastian to do things to save her but she actually does not. I suppose this was done to set her further apart from the original master. I also think this was also done to build romance between her and Sebastian. You can’t exactly explicitly have romance between Ciel and Sebastian (even though it was lightly implied in the anime and many people wish for it) so a female is necessary. The other thing my sister noticed was that Sebastian never said “Yes, my lord” and would respond to Shiori with “As you wish”. Is this also done to set this further apart from the original?

I have no qualms with these differences though because I see the movie as one that stands on its own, very much apart from the original. It does, however, take snippets from the original. Some parts came out of some episodes from the first season of the anime such as the instance in Season 1, Episode 2 wherein Ciel gets kidnapped by the Italian mafia. Sebastian and his silverware action is very very similar to the one portrayed in the movie. The snippets are tied together nicely and very well.

It is not too predictable; there is the element of surprise along the way. It had great action scenes and the cinematography is awesome. The acting is totally brilliant too. The actors and actresses were really suited to their roles. (Hiro-sama is totally totally wonderful!) They also had good costumes too which are from Alice and the Pirates and Baby, the Star Shines Bright. (I want to get Lyn’s clothes… please?)

I can’t wait to own this on DVD. Kyaaa~ For now, here’s the trailer. Get excited with me, yes? :D


– MOVIE POSTER: http://www.mcmbuzz.com/2013/11/18/full-trailer-for-live-action-black-butler-kuroshitsuji-film/
– MORE INFO: HERE (Link too long~)

Fashion Fridays: Alli Harvard x Bench!


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Last Thursday, Allison Harvard, second runner-up of America’s Next Top Model – All Star, posted a very interesting news on her Instagram account!

She is collaborating with local brand of clothing, Bench, with her own t-shirt collection called “Cat” which will feature exclusive artwork she made. This collection will be released during the holidays!

Isn’t this just awesome? I have been a very big fan of Alli Harvard since her run in Cycle 17. I follow her on Tumblr and earlier works are there. They are very interesting pieces and can you imagine these in a shirt?

Friday with Joni and Mr. Mouth

Rapunzel’s Turkish Van

It would be completely amazing to see something unique — something totally different — on shirts! Can’t wait to see the collection! I shall share it once updates are possible. ;)


SOURCES: (Follow Allison Harvard on IG: @alliharvard)
Announcement: http://instagram.com/p/q0cKFjM3i5/
Friday’s with Joni and Mr. Mouth: http://instagram.com/p/qlG1M_M3n0/
Rapunzel’s Turkish Van: http://instagram.com/p/qglf3NM3la/

Terrific Thursdays: Stylish Boards for Your Desk!


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I have a thing for cork boards. In my previous job, I had a cork board which had pictures and notes and things to keep me motivated. At home, I have two — both of which hold my necklaces. Today, I found a pretty unique board for memos and photos: fabric magnetic boards from Board it Up!

I found out about it through work and I’d like to share this cute item for organizing and decorating your office desk at home and at work.

It functions like a cork board but with its metal base and magnet pins, it holds photos and notes in between. comes in two sizes: Small (12×16) and Large (18×24). (*I am not certain if these are in inches. OTL)

They have small (P55, set of 4) and big (P80, set of 40) fabric magnets.

They also have bottlecap magnets (P130, set of 4). These are their newest style of magnets and they’re just adorable. They have Japanese girls, owls, and outlines as designs.

It’s just as what the store promotes: organization made stylish! Time to kawaii-fy my desk at work! I currently do not have a cork board in my current workplace. XD

These boards can be bought online and in the following stores: selected National Bookstore (Galleria and Glorietta are branches mentioned in their posts) and Powerbooks (Trinoma is the branch mentioned in a post) branches, Fully Booked branches, selected Office Warehouse branches, selected Rustans stores, and Crossings.

For more info, check out Board It Up!’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BoardItUp.


PS: All photos are from Board It Up’s page. These items are currently available too! :D

Writing Wednesdays: In Eternal Damnation


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Your name rolls out of my mouth like water being poured out of a glass — smooth and ever so continuous. I mention it as casually as possible, knowing that any sign of this curse would ruin me. I smile upon the indication that you are alive and well — that you have gone away and never to return here for me — and moved along.

You have left me wanting. I have kept myself waiting.

I have known this for a fact: this has ended a long time ago. Our paths have crossed and will never meet again. I have moved on but will always be secretly trapped in this situation. I will always long for you. Alone. Until my last breathing moment and beyond.

I whisper your name and wish for your love. Forever trapped in this self-imposed curse, my eternal damnation continues.



In Eternal Damnation, completed on the morning of 7/28/2014, conceptualized sometime ago

A/N – 07292014: This turned out weird, now that I’m reading it again. What triggered to write this was the first line and then I remembered that I wrote something on love, lust, and eternal damnation. This is the end result. I won’t take it against you if you hate it. I actually have some issues about this one. I don’t like it at all. D:

Tell-All Tuesdays: How to Wear a Yukata~


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The one authentic Japanese garment is a yukata. I bought it from a local Japanese pop culture items (figs, magazines, and other items) store called Waku-Waku which is nearby the university I went to. I love it to bits with its white flowers and pink background. Totally girly, really. Check it out! (This shot is from a party back in 2011.)

*I actually bought a second one but it didn’t click with my skin tone so I had to resell it. :(

**I wore my first yukata in 2010, while promoting the Japanese culture club in my school in 2010. That is my make-up-less faaaace and my haaaair! *cringe* I eventually got my own yukata *above* which I wore in many anime conventions. =3=

Let me explain further what a yukata is and how it is worn! A yukata is originally used as a bathrobe in bath houses. The Japanese have public bath and steam houses and they first used the yukata as a protective covering from the steam. It is eventually used like an actual bathrobe, wrapped around the body after a soak. It can be worn everywhere — from the bath to the dining table to the bedroom — because it is also a loungewear. A yukata, which has a similar structure to a kimono, may also be worn during summer festivals. This is something more common today. The yukata I wore is normally worn during summer festivals in Japan. They are colorful and light, perfect for festivities!

The yukata is partnered with an obi (sash) to secure it in place. It is partnered with Japanese slippers called a geta which isn’t partnered with socks. A juban (cotton undergarment) is commonly worn under the yukata. (Personally, I don’t wear a juban.) A foldable or fixed hand fan and a carry bag (kinchaku) are common accessories.

At first, I didn’t know there were certain customs with the yukata. It was only during a convention when someone told me that I wore it wrong… that what I did meant that I was going to a funeral. So, I looked it up and here’s what tradition states: reversed with right over left [is done] when dressing a body for a funeral. ;A;

Here’s an awesome video on how to wear the yukata! (I also added links below with photo references instead of a video.)

It is really easy to wear a yukata which is why I started wearing it to conventions. It’s generic so you can be yourself while in it. You’re enjoying the convention as if it were a summer festival. Nice, yes?

I’ll be wearing this again soon and I shall take solo shots! :3



Blogger Monday: My Dream Disney Wedding


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Around a month ago (06/15/2014), the result for this quiz on Which Disney Wedding Should You Have on Oh My Disney. I originally got the wedding from Enchanted which… I honestly don’t remember what that was like. The description also was that point on but I could somehow relate to it.

So I waited for a bit and took the test again. This is what I got. Tangled Ever After! I remember what this wedding was like. I found it funny. The description is dead wrong! I am neither cheerful nor outgoing but I do hope that my wedding would indeed be full of light and love. It’s supposed to be a happy day, after all.

Oh well. I basically took this quiz for kicks — just to see what would come out of it. What did you get? No result yet? Take the quiz here: http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2014/06/13/quiz-which-disney-wedding-should-you-have/.


Random Sundays: Dreaming High~


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I watched Princess Hours the other weekend. For this weekend’s Korean drama re-viewing, I chose Dream High.

Dream High is a drama about six people whose dream is to become stars. South Korea is known for its hallyu wave wherein various pop idol groups became worldwide phenomenons. This drama circles around that dream as these six people face different challenges in the entertainment industry.

Let’s get to know the characters!

Go Hye Mi (Miss A’s Suzy) is an opera signer in training but due to her family’s debt, she was forced to become a star. But that was only at first. She, then, finds out that she appreciates performing pop music with her friends and hopes to perform on stage as a group. But her final challenge falls when her father goes back and wants to bring her to America to do vocal training. Will she choose pop music or opera music?

Yoon Baek Hee (T-ara’s Eunjung) is Go Hye Mi’s best friend turned rival after Hye Mi dismissed their friendship and called her names. She, then, develops a strong desire to win over Hye Mi to the extend that she cheats her way through hurdles. But at the very end, will the stage allow her to continue performing like this?

Jin Gook’s (2PM’s Taecyeon) life has always been difficult because of his past — being the illegitimate child of a politician; however, he has talent and music and dance. His kind nature gets him into not only the chance to debut earlier but also into trouble. He is charged with assaulting his boss. This becomes big and affects many others.

Song Sam Dong (actor Kim Soohyun) is from a rural part of Korea and is gifted in singing and composing. He is very kind to his friends and would stay by their side until the very end. He continues to grow into a better performer but then, faces a major challenge with his hearing which he relies on a lot.

Kim Pil Sook (singer IU) starts her journey as a fat person with a beautiful voice. She is advised to lose weight; otherwise, she will not become an entertainer. Through determination and inspiration, she does lose weight and her ascend into an idol begins. It is a hard road, given that she began this journey as an underdog where her talent wasn’t seen or heard from at all. There is also her past self that can be easily used against her. But that doesn’t matter to her at all. What matters to her more is… well… her love and admiration for Jason.

Lastly, Jason (2PM’s Wooyoung) has it all — looks and talent. The one thing he lacks is the humility and enough ambition as it appears that he’s just playing around. Will he become the next best idol with that personality? But hey, he has his own redeeming factor as he seems to be enamored with Pil Sook.

Watching these six people build themselves up together is exciting and inspiring. Through love and friendship, they learn to make it through their trials and tribulations. There’s also comedic parts and side stories of the people surrounding the six.

It’s a 16-episode drama. Not that long. It’s worth watching on a rainy afternoon, chilling out at home.

Would you watch this drama? Let me know and maybe we can fangirl together. If not, feel free to suggest what dramas I should watch next! I need something new to watch.


[Un]Eventful Saturdays: Stuck in Another World


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That is not even a word. OTL

Given that a storm just passed and another one was brewing, I decided to stay at home this weekend to rest and sleep. I have been hungry for those two things recently. I am only slightly overworked compared to my previous job, though.

Anyway, I decided to chill with my brother and watch a movie. I picked my fave, Sense and Sensibility, starring Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, and Alan Rickman. Sense and Sensibility is based on the Jane Austen novel with the same title. It shows us the lives of four women who were left without money after the husband/father dies. Said father had a first family with a son who gets to inherit everything. The two older daughters, Elinor and Marianne, are both of marriageable age and this lack of fortune affects their chances. Kind-hearted Elinor falls for Edward Farrars, the brother of her half-brother’s wife, but given her misfortune, Edward’s family separates them. Strong and romantic Marianne caught the attentions of Colonel Christopher Brandon but her heart was captured by the rough-looking John Willoughby. It is a story on how the two girls find their happiness in life and in love given the trials they must face on their own.

Check the trailer out:

I am a sucker for Jane Austen films. I never get bored of it. (My sister considers it very boring and would not watch these type of movies with me.) I also have an inkling for historical films like Young Victoria, The Duchess, The Other Boleyn Girl, Marie Antoinette, and Elizabeth. I have always been charmed by old Europe with their gowns, their culture, and their lives. I know that’s no picnic but still, I’d love to be a part of that classy world. Jane Austen has written six books and I’ve seen three movies based on her books – Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility.

Do recommend other historical and/or old Europe films. I’d love to see more. :D


Fashion Fridays: A Glimpse at the World of Lolitas


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One type of fashion style that I’ve always wanted to try is Lolita. Lolita is a Japanese street fashion style that is inspired by the fashion styles and aesthetics of the Rococco and Victorian era. The Lolita style has many rules as it is a very unique fashion style. Said rules are said to not made to limit the wearer but to make sure the outfit qualifies as a Lolita outfit.

It also has many sub-styles, as shown in this photo below:

The sub-style that I wish to try is the Wa-Lolita. Despite my fondness for black clothes, I would rather wear a Wa-Lolita outfit than a Gothic Lolita. Although, I must admit that what attracted me to Lolita first were Gothic Lolita outfits… and the hair. The lovely lovely curly hair.

A Wa-Lolita outfit is basically an outfit inspired by traditional Japanese fashion. It features a kimono top with a typical Lolita skirt. It has the typical long sleeves (sode) and the obi belt as well. The fabrics used are similar to what is used for kimonos and yukatas — printed with flowers, mostly. Traditional Japanese hair accessories called kanzashi (flower hair clips) may also be incorporated with the whole outfit although the traditional Lolita head-eater bow and bonnets also work. As for footwear, either the typical mary janes or the traditional geta may be used. There are no set rules for socks, though.

At the moment, I have already canvassed for the wa-lolita outfit I wish to wear AND here is the basis!!!

I already have the fabric for the kimono top — black with red, white, and gray flowers. I’m thinking of a plain red obi since the top already has print. I will also make the skirt pass my knees~ I, however, admit that the sode and the ribbon on the back borders costume-y. Most wa-lolita outfit samples I saw over the net do not have overly long sode and the obi doesn’t have much details. It is still uncertain whether or not I’d make those parts shorter because I honestly want to wear it like that.

Should I? Help?



– I… couldn’t find it. I am so sorry. OTL

[Not] Terrific Thursdays: Hey Glenda


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Last week, typhoon Glenda struck us! This storm involved heavy rainfall and strong winds in the metro, making trees block streets which made it difficult/close to impossible for many people to go to work. I was part of that “many” even though I truly wanted to go to work. I even attempted to go but I turned back because of the rain and the 2 hour commute. ;A;

When I woke up, I was already geared to get myself through the rain. But the wind howled and the rain got stronger. I already had an agreement with my Dad: I’d ask him to bring me to work and I’d pay for gas. BUT after weighing all options and events while on the road, I ended up turning back and going home. I intended to go to work during the afternoon — once the rain stops.

Then, we ran out of electricity and I ended up sleeping through the stormy morning. The rain stopped an hour before noon but our house had no power. I was already planning to go to work but my Mom told me not to go anymore. So I didn’t.

But oddly enough, my parents asked me to buy pizza for dinner because we’re already predicting that there wouldn’t be electricity before evening. It’s difficult to cook without electricity. It was first agreed that my Dad would go to the pizza place nearby and buy it from there, thinking that they have a generator. Since our phones are running out of batteries, we decided to go to the mall instead. We had to buy candles because we were running low anyway so the mall seemed to be the best option.

The mall wasn’t exactly on full force. They had power because of a generator. Some stores were closed too. Nonetheless, this is definitely a good place to go to during a power outage. You can charge your gadgets as these are necessary in order to keep yourself updated with what’s happening to your area via social media.

First, we stalked Starbucks for empty sockets. It was a rather challenging hunt because there were others who thought of charging their gadgets and continuing their work/studies in Starbucks where there is power, seats, and food. In SM Fairview, there are two branches of Starbucks and after exploring, we found an empty socket but no table. No matter.

I had one unit charging while I enjoyed a Chocolate Chip Frappe. Then, I also ordered a Hungarian Sausage and Egg Sandwich to keep us seated and look like actual customers despite our table-less existence. We stayed there for roughly 3 hours. I wasn’t able to take photos because I’m saving my phone’s power. D:

After that, we headed to our other errands — such as buying candles and dinner. Evening came around and still, no power but yep, we made it through with candles and the laptop running on its battery. My family watched “We’re the Millers” together. My parents and brother got to watch it for the first time and they had fun!

My family was intact during the storm; I couldn’t be more thankful. I do pray that everyone else who were affected are already well. At the end of this particular storm, the results were quite bad. 98 people were found dead while 5 people are missing. 630 people were injured. I listed down a couple of links below for articles with technical information and further details regarding the storm.

We should all be prepared for the worst. It’s still July; there’s bound to be more, realistically speaking. I posted my personal guide on how to commute during the rainy season which more or less doubles as my guide to keep myself dry this season. Feel free to check it out and share your own tips. ;)

Stay safe,

Articles/Info Sources:


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