Fashion Fridays: Headed to Ita-dom


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*written during the evening of September 5 until the wee hours of September 6.

I have mentioned in a previous post that lolita has strict rules about aesthetics and I intend to follow every single rule there is in order to give justice to the fashion subgroup. I really did have this dress made and well, I thought things were going well. The seamstress failed to tell me about an issue with the kimono top and ended up giving me a v-neck with kimono sleeves. So not lolita! So fail! So zetsubou! Whelp, at this rate, I am headed to Ita-dom where itas (they think they’re lolitas but they’re really not) bask in glory. That’s not a good thing. D:

Stand on itas: I know that I do get lolita wrong at some point but I do research. I attempt to get it right. I think that makes me less ita and more of a normal human attempting to do something new. Itas are the type to call any frilly dress a lolita dress and not do complete research about this style and culture. As long as you do research and do your best to get it right, you’re no ita, imo.

I admit that I didn’t get a good look at the dress before meeting up. It looked good on my phone and my sister had no other issues with it besides the obi fabric combination. BUT I  had a gutfeel that it was a one-piece. I don’t mind if it is a one piece outfit that I have to slip on like a shirt but it’s a v-neck.

Obviously, I was devastated. As a customer, I had the right to be informed and to have a say in it. The seamstress simply forgot to tell me about needing more fabric and turning it into a v-neck. That’s not how you deal with customers; a customer has to be informed all the time.

The inner parts looked ok but it felt like tablecloth fabric. Very starchy. Obviously not cotton. That was another thing she failed to tell me. I asked for fabric photos but nope, no dice.

I also had to add P200 for additional fabric which I did not see. I feel like I got fooled into adding more payment.

I honestly became sad over it I couldn’t fully focus at work. It was a ruined dream and a crushed expectation. I was sad enough that I had this inkling of not wearing it (because lolita pros will be there and will certainly see it). I told my sister this and we’d try to see if we can make it work with a longer wig and limited poses.

I have other standard outfits, though, so if I get overly conscious up until the day itself, I can wear an old outfit which I have yet to talk about. Hehe. Plus, I still owe you guys a yukata photo. :3

Overall, I learned the following things:
2. Consistently follow-up. Be aggressive about it.
3. Ask if there are problems and if you’ll make it to your deadline.
4. Have the dress made at least a month before the event.
5. Make sure to ask for progress pictures so that you are part of the making process.

As my Mumcat told me, we’ll still enjoy tomorrow. We’re both gonna be kawaii~ XD


Terrific Thursdays: Fixed Arches


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One of my shallow problems in life are my bushy, wild eyebrows. I don’t know how to fix it myself so what my sister suggested is to have it fixed by a pro and then remember what it looks like so that I can fix it myself in the future.

I did just that, thanks to Belle de Jour! BdJ is a power planner for women which, besides keeping ladies on schedule, has coupons which may be used in various establishments in the country. I have been using BDJ for years, as it is my dream planner back in college. I mainly use it to take note and keep track of my tasks for the day and for the upcoming days.

Anyway, I went to Browhaus which is the expert in brow care. I got to their Serendra branch earlier than I expected but given that there weren’t customers around, I was accomodated for an earlier slot. I was taken care of by a woman named Anne. Not particularly chatty but got me through the whole threading process and answered my inquiries.

I asked if it was painful because it is technically plucking your hair. I was told that it hurts at first but it gets better after.

Also, I have read that continuously threading your hair helps it not grow back. I aksed her about it. She debunked that myth. It is always going to grow back but thinner the next time.

The overall process wasn’t bad. I flinched every other minute but overall, it was a bearable 30 minutes. This is what my brows looked like prior to the process:

I went home with relatively nicer brows. It is shaped but requires grooming, or so my sister says. I think that it does need more shaping as it still looks weird up-close. So yep, here’s a photo of my brows (but mostly my forehead, sorry about that). :|

Browhaus has many branches nationwide. Here’s the link to their website in case you wish to learn more about their services:

Love lots,

Writing Wednesdays: Haiku Dump!


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Damned Soul

Every single day:
I’m on the verge of dying
Basking in the sun.


All lies from below
Laid on a silver platter
While you lie with me.


The heat kisses me.
“Tell me your heart’s desire.”
Let me be with you.


The flame within died.
The skies are bluer than ever
With your departure.

*written from September 5 to September 6

Tell-All Tuesdays: The Kings of Hallyu are Back!


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I think this is the first ever post about Super Junior. Haha. So lest’s do thiiiis!

Super Junior is a 13 (currently 10) member idol group from South Korea who gained their popularity through their song Sorry, Sorry. They are a group of multi-talented individuals who not only sing and dance but also do comedy, act in dramas and plays, has radio shows, and much more.

Currently, the group is composed of ten people due to a severed contract, a member missing-in-action, and the mandatory military service for men at South Korea.

Even with missing members, they released their seventh album last August called Mamacita. The title song, also called Mamacita, was launched on August 29, 2014, gathering over 2 million views worldwide within 24 hours. Check the video out over here:

Anyway, the album has other songs. This album gives off a jazz club feel with its relatively slower, chill songs such as Midnight Blues and This is Love. Shirt has the Chicago-esque feel with a sax as their main instrument.

The two outliers in this album are Too Many Beautiful Girls and Let’s Dance. Both songs are upbeat and admittedly, 1D-ish. I’d like to imagine that this is their song for their fans, the ELFs, in this album. Hehe.

I like listening to this album in the mornings at the office because it is very relaxing. I listen to it throughout the whole day and I don’t get tired of it!

Click HERE for the Mamacita playlist on YT! I am also sharing their performance for the song Shirt:

If you wish to buy a physical album, you may contact various online shops (my friend ordered from Monjaica and from what I’m seeing, the transactions are pretty ok and I think this store has been a round for a long while: and the local fan club (SJ United PH: Universal Records ( may import it as well although there is no word as to when they will do so.

Support my oppas!


Source for the compiled teaser photos:

Blogger Mondays: Career I was Actually Meant For


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A friend of mine shared this link from Bitecharge ( regarding the career she was actually meant for. I got intrigued so I took it for kicks.

This is the result of the first try:

Well, you have seen my drawings and designs. I have very little talent in the arts of designing.

So how did this happen? There was a question about your chosen hobby or something of that sort. I had two answers but for the first one, I picked the answer about creating things for others which led me to the Designer route.

When I changed the answer to telling a story through words, I got Writer.

If you asked me a couple of years back on what I’d like to be, I wouldn’t say someone big in the fashion industry. All I want to do before is write. Writing is something that I enjoy doing and hope to share to the world. I was discouraged from getting into a writing program in college because writers die hungry and unpublished. TwT

Then again, I’m alright with not taking it. I got to explore the world more and some writers do not have a degree in creative writing. Imagination is a key ingredient you add with practice. Practice does wonders for any type of art after all.

We’ll see if I am really meant to be a writer. I have been writing random stuff lately. Many drafts, no finished work. OTL


Random Sundays: Six More Days!


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Supposedly posted the other day, it’s currently just two more days before the kawaii-est event takes place in Manila. Yes, I am talking about Kawaii in Manila 2! It’s a convention showcasing the kawaii culture and lifestyle straight from Japan. How cool is that? The event will be held on September 6, at Whitespace Manila, Makati! Whoot! Very excited!

I have mentioned it in previous posts before — that I will be attending and I would be wearing something special for this occasion. I planned on wearing something awesome because I want to share my love for kawaii, even though I am far from being kawaii~ (I am more of a large variant of potato or pug, tho. Not really kawaii enough but hey, it’s worth a shot. Haha.)

There are lots of fun activities to look forward to as well:

Personally, I am very excited for the fashion show. I have always wanted to see one featuring J-fashion and here is my chance to actually watch one! I shall be taking many photos!

They posted the schedule yesterday and here it issss~

11:00 DOOR OPENS ★
Ongoing: Workshop Activity (Polymer Clay Workshop)
Live music by Gentle Universe (and Reese)
Dolly Kaye, Forestale, La Princesse Doll, Dorotee Sweetlips
Ongoing: Workshop Activity (Lettering Workshop)

I will be attending this event with my lovely mother cat. I know a couple of other friends who will also be there so I can’t wait to hang out with them. :D

Will you be attending this event? If yes, please don’t be afraid to say hi. :D




Eventful Saturdays: Kyoto Inferno!


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I finally saw Ruruoni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno with my friends last Saturday. Woohoo!

Anime is a big part of my childhood life (which is why I’ve grown to love Japan and its culture a lot). I have seen Rurouni Kenshin back when I was still a kid and it was one of the shows I really liked watching. There was action, adventure, romance, comedy, and a bit of culture although back then, all I cared about was the romance and the funny moments between the characters.

Watching the movie in the big screen, complete with subtitles and fellow anime enthusiasts is awesome. The movie is a winner! They did a very good job at making this movie have the same epic-ness of the anime. Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno happens after a moment of peace within the new government. Kenshin is no longer a killing machine; rather, he is enjoying his life with his friends at the Kamiya Dojo. However, when the government summons him and asks for his help to kill a man named Shishio whose threatening the country, he has to decide on whether to stay or to obey. (There are other conflicts within the movie but that is the main story. Aoshi is unnecessary, IMO. :/)

The fight scenes are awesome! It’s so like the anime, complete with Jackie Chan-esque effects of jumping from the roofs and running as fast as lightning. It feels natural — like humans can really jump from the roof and stay alive! My favorite sword fight scene is between Souijrou, one of Shishio’s men, and Kenshin. Warner Bros. Philippines shared this photo:

Another scene that I like is the one wherein Aoshi battles the Elder. That is pretty wicked. Elder can really kick ass.

I also like the side story/hints regarding Megumi and Sanosuke. It’s very funny and rather sweet. :3

Lastly, I must mention that the casting is definitely superb! Ryunosuke Kamiki got Soujirou Seta down to the last detail. He is Soujirou. No arguments.

I think the one character I hated (now that I understood things better or at least, in this movie) is Kaoru. Her ‘no killing’ policy could’ve gotten Kenshin killed if he wasn’t careful. I felt this tinge of annoyance over her, tbh. She wasn’t too insistent on that tidbit in the anime — unless I remember things wrong (which is highly possible). Oh well. It’s a passing thing. Kaoru has her awesome points. :D

I can’t wait for the next one which is showing on the 24th of September! Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends will show us if Kenshin will be successful in his mission to keep Japan at peace.

Have you seen this movie? (It’s still showing btw.)




Fashion Fridays: Press Preview for ‘The Naked Truth’


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I just got one awesome perk in the office. We were told that employees can watch the press preview for the upcoming underwear and denim fashion show ‘The Naked Truth’. At first, I wasn’t up for it because I wasn’t feeling that well and I still had work to do but heck, I went and it was worth it.

*Originally, I was planning to post GIFs but my GIF maker apps didn’t turn out well and I had to screencap the videos via VLC. =3= The photos are rather blurry. OTL

My boss and I got there when the show had already begun. A girl carrying a bead parasol walked out of the runway and closed her umbrella.

Then, A man and a woman, deemed as king and queen, took the stage, interpreting the music played in the background. This was followed by a parade of men and women walking in Bench underwear. Pretty amusing, tbh.

Then, my favorite Top Model walked in. Allison Harvard walked for the press preview. She wore a sheer jacket and a white bikini. These were partnered with black pumps with ankle straps. She’s simply beautiful.

I was trembling. I wanted to cry because it has been a dream of mine to see Allison Harvard up close. I supported her during the All Star season of America’s Next Top Model and the only moment I got to see her was during Bench Universe. So there, I stood at least ten feet away from her. It felt wonderful.

After having Allison Harvard walk on the runway, they introduced a group of men who are the new men of Bench Body. The roster includes Dennis Trillo and many rising celebrities like Tom Rodriguez. (I honestly didn’t care much for the men. I was still hung on Allison’s appearance!!!)

Then, final walk on the runway!

It was, overall, a beautiful preview. I can’t wait to see the actual show itself!

I shared the other week about how to get free tickets so just click here to check that post. :D


Terrific Thursdays: Cards Against Humanity


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One of the games we played last Monday is called Cards Against Humanity. It is a fun but rather morbid and green game of matching at least two cards together, one as the question and the other as the answer.

The questions are either actual questions or fill-in-the-blanks type of questions. There are also instructions like “Make a haiku” (my favorite). The answers are either names (mostly American personalities from history or pop culture), objects (ranging from Adderal to dead bodies, practically anything and everything), or actions (such as frolicking). It’s bloody offensive but meh, my friends and I didn’t take it too seriously. I even won the game because I am, sadly, a very morbid person. =3=

My sister found out about bit through my IG account and pne of her favorite Youtube celebrities, danisnotonfire, also played it. Now, she also wants to play it. Hahaha. She found a free print out of the cards through the official website. You can get it through this link:

To end this post, here is the video of danisonfire playing the game. It is hella funny. Go watch and enjoy!


Writing Wednesdays: Nightmare


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I stand in front of clear glass, watching the world unfold from the other side alone.

I see clear skies, a field of rainbow-colored flowers, and shiny butterflies fluttering around… standing in the middle of it is the one I have been searching for.

I look from left to right, up and down, hoping to find an entrance into that world you breathe in.

I push against the glass, wanting to go back to you more than ever, to apologize for what I have done, and to be able to get that one more chance.

I cry out your name, screaming louder and louder because it appears that you don’t hear me.

I hit the glass with my small fists, hoping that its sound would reach you but it doesn’t.

I see you walk away, feeling tiny hands grasping at my limbs, dragging me toward the unknown, not looking back.

I gasp for air in the suffocating darkness, embracing death in every minute that passes.

I open my eyes, sensing the abrupt change of scenery — surrounded by concrete walls and other bedroom paraphernalia being touched by the light from outside the window, casting shadows in the room.

I sit up and take a deep breath, collecting myself and my thoughts on what happened. “Could this be just a dream?”

I sigh and lie down again on my own bed, seeking solace in sleep only to find darkness once again.


Nightmare, a poem written starting last Sunday, August 24 until August 28.

Last Sunday, I was rather anxious over something I did out of character. Maybe not out of character and suddenly felt like writing. I ended up with the first five lines with the original idea of permanent separation playing around it but now that I attempted to close it, it ended up becoming a nightmare.

Based on the text, what is the actual nightmare? To me, the actual nightmare would be the loneliness reflected in the dream and in reality. Feel free to discuss below if you have other views on this piece. I have not written poems in a while. :D



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