AnjTalksAbout: Ways to Get Tickets to Philippine Fashion Week


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Besides registering for invites at the official website, some brands offer ways to get tickets. As mentioned in the previous post, Forever 21 posts daily questions in their social media sites wherein they get to randomly choose people who will get the invites. Cool, yes?

This post is primarily about three brands who have posted their rules on getting free invites. I am very excited to share this info with everyone!

On the 24th of October, three Spanish brands Suiteblanco, (S f e r a), and Uno de 50 will be showcasing their FW 2014 collections. All three brands are relatively new to the Philippine market and showcasing their latest collections will surely be treat to all fashionistas. These three brands have posted the rules on how to win free invites to their show on Friday.

Let’s start with (S f e r a).

Be part of Philippine Fashion Week!

Win exclusive invites to the show on October 24,2014 @ 9PM, SMX Convention Center, Hall 4

1. Follow @sferaph on instagram

2. Post your personal Sfera Style with photo caption: “I want to win exclusive invites to PhFW Sfera.”

3. Don’t forget to tag @sferaph and use the hashtag #SferainPHFW2014

The lucky fashionistas will get a chance to watch the show & receive a special prize. See you there!

I also received the mechanics via PM earlier. The team behind (S f e r a) in the Philippines is nice enough to message people who have inquired about invites. :D I also asked if the personal Sfera Style photo requires an Sfera item and for the deadline of the post. I shall update this post tomorrow! No replies but I suppose there is purchase necessary.

Then, here’s the one from Uno de 50.

Get a chance to see handcrafted Spanish accessories this Oct. 24, 2014!

1. Follow @unode50_ph.
2. Visit any of our branch in @smmegamall @smauraprenier @smmallofasia for details
3. Post a picture of any of our item with caption “I want to win tickets to Philippine Fashion week”
4. Add #unode50PhFw #aotd #spanishfashion #phfw

UPDATE: I did visit the Uno de 50 store at SM Aura and I was told that I need to buy before getting a ticket. I can’t just take a photo and upload it to qualify. ;A;

Lastly, here’s the rules from Suiteblanco.

Be a true blue fashion plate and score tickets to Philippine Fashion Week! Plus get a chance to be the lucky winner of 10,000 worth of @suiteblancoph items fresh from the runway!

Join this easy mechanics:

1. Follow @suiteblancoph on Instagram
2. Post your Suiteblanco FW14 style inspo with photo caption “I want to win exclusive invites to PhFW Suiteblanco!”
3. Tag @suiteblancoph with the hashtag #SuiteblancoPhFW
4. Chosen followers get to witness Suiteblanco runway show and the luckiest lady gets to bring home P10,000 worth of Suiteblanco items on that day.
5. Contest is valid from October 20th to 23rd and is applicable to Metro Manila residents only.

Suiteblanco runway show is on October 24, 9PM at the SMX Convention Center. See you! :)

UPDATE: You can also just buy stuff from Suiteblanco to get a ticket. That’s what I did. :P

UPDATE: Kashieca also released the rules on how to get tickets for the Human & Kashieca show on Sunday! 


Get a FREE INVITE to the KASHIECA and HUMAN show at the Philippine Fashion Week on October 26, 2014 (SMX- HALL 4) for a minimum P600.00 net purchase worth of regular items.

Valid for cash, credit card, and gift certificate purchases.
Lifestyle Cardholders may still get points from the purchase.
Only one (1) invite may be given per receipt.
May not be combined with other offers unless specified

Kashieca SM Mall of Asia / Kashieca SM Megamall / Kashieca SM North EDSA


October 20 – 26, 2014 only

There you have it. The mechanics are rather easy but requires some effort from you. ; I’m simply thrilled to do these challenges and hopefully, I’d get one pass for this show. You just have to really make a budget for shows like these or be lucky during the registration. XD


DISCLAIMER: None of the photos belong to this blog. The webpages where I got said photos are linked on the name of the brand. :D

AnjTalksAbout: Philippine Fashion Week SS2015!


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Taken from Philippine Fashion Week on FB

It’s that time of the year again! Philippine Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2015 is scheduled from the 24th to the 26th of October. It may be shorter than the previous years but it is still as jam-packed as ever, featuring both local and foreign brands and global designers.

First, let’s enumerate the brands that will be showcasing their Fall/Winter 2014 collection:

Forever 21, a global fashion brand of clothing, is participating this season. They will be showcasing many styles of fashion — grayscale, sweaters, tartan, plaid, and various color trends. The show is scheduled on the 24th, at 6:30pm. Tickets are being given away by answering the brand’s question of the day in all of their social media sites and by shopping at selected stores.

(S f e r a) is a Spanish brand of clothes whose first store opened at SM Makati fairly recently. The brand is described as contemporary and sophisticated. Indeed. I have made my pilgrimage to the store and my initial impression of it is that it’s a more beach-y and airy version of Zara because of the lightness of the clothes (in color and in fabric) although they do have dark colored clothes.

Suiteblanco features fashion for women. It is a Spanish brand that caters to young women, featuring posh and sophisticated pieces. I have yet to visit a Suiteblanco store but seeing the photos, they are very beautiful and would give its wearer that classy edge.

Uno de 50 is a Spanish accessory brand which recently became available in the Philippines. They only have 50 handcrafted pieces of each design! How cool is that? They’re featuring an exclusive collection for Philippine Fashion Week. (I have never been to an accessory fashion show. I wonder what that is like.)

Human & Kashieca are two local brands from Suyen Corporation (which is the company that owns Bench). Human is on the more punk and edgy side of the fashion spectrum while Kashieca is more of the dainty and feminine side. I remember seeing the ad for both brands for PhFW but I couldn’t find it anymore. D:

As for the designers, we have EsAc (Jun-Jun Cambe, Lyle Ibanez, and Audie AE), Jerome Salaya Ang (whose gowns have stolen my heart two seasons ago), Jeffrey Rogador (whose current collection is featured in the Mercedez Benz Asia Fashion Week), and Sidney Perez Sio for Saturday, the 25th. On the 25th, Sunday, we have Arnold Galang (who had the most beautiful all black collection was featured last May), Cherry Samuya Veric, Eric de los Santos, Nardie Presa, and Pat Santos.

I still have no invites at this point. I have been actively participating in Forever 21’s Q&A posts. I have also asked Uno de 50 and Suiteblanco about invites but no replies thus far. TwT

I also registered for invites this season so I hope that I’d be lucky enough to secure one this season. I was once lucky enough to get in the Men’s Fashion Show during one season. (I still didn’t have a blog back then. :P)

Here is the screencap of the schedule from the official website of Philippine Fashion Week.

For more details, please click here. :D

I hope that I’d be able to cover at least one show this season! Keeping my fingers crossed!


NOTE: All photos are not mine. Except for the Suiteblanco photo, all photos are from the FB page of Philippine Fashion Week. The Suiteblanco photo is from Suiteblanco’s Instagram page. All links of the photos are in the name of the brand.

EDIT/UPDATE: Mr. Eric de los Santos posted on IG the number to contact to get e-invites for the show. Oh my gosh! Imma text the number tomorrow morning! 8D

AnjGoesTo: The Philippines First Steampunk Exhibit


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Days after the Eternal Engine Guild’s meet-up at Cosmania (yep, the guild I am a part of), we were invited to participate in The Philippines First Steampunk Exhibit by Art Circle Gallery.

We were asked to attend in steampunk fashion. I would’ve been thrilled to go but I can’t because we were invited on a Wednesday and I had work. The others were able to attend; it was an awesome opening night based from the photos. :D

I, however, went on Saturday to see the exhibit with a friend. It was a very small exhibit and we were able to look through the artwork within fifteen minutes. It was simply amazing to see steampunk work its way locally since it isn’t a famous genre here to begin with. :3

Let me show you the pieces I like and why I like them.

This lantern “Pasko” by Kristoffer Tolentino is made of old ballpen cases sprayed in bronze. I honestly would never think of using a modern pen and recycle it to turn it into this creative artwork. Wow. Just wow.

This steampunk guitar by Ram Mallari Jr.!

My friend and I were both amazed by this wall clock also by Ram Mallari Jr. I would mount this on a white wall and nothing else will be displayed near it. It wouldn’t suit a minimalist home, though.

There is also this grandfather clock. Really amazing.

And this chessboard is simply cool. Also by Ram Mallari Jr.

Lastly, I like this comb. It’s a Filipino hair accessory revamped with steampunk elements. I’d like to make something like this and use traditional clothing for steampunk but meh, I won’t probably do the latter part. I’d make one, though.

Did you go to the exhibit? If not, you can check out photos here. Here is GMA’s official coverage of the event. :D


AnjWears: Price Tags!


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Last Friday (10th of October), I was working on putting price tags on our items for the sale event at work. It was my first time to use a price tag gun. Apparently, it wasn’t so difficult but I still made blank bar codes which ended up on my arm. I placed it there instead of my outfit just because. Haha.

I took most of it off before lunch but I thought of a cute pun for the price tags: ‘They’re blank coz I’m priceless.’

I ended up posting it on Instagram and got likers. I also tagged by The Look Hunter, a fashion writer. He/She tagged his/her colleague in the comment and the IG of the company they work for.

His/her colleague, Tarek Hijazi, is a celebrity editor. The other, About a Look, is the company they work for. They chronicle fashionable, inspiring looks.

Whoa, my OOTD just got spotted by fashion magazine people! WHOOT! 8D

More about my OOTD, this is one of my standard looks although it alternates from time to time to another shirt and/or another pair of tights. I normally wear outfits like this everywhere — at work (since our office allows us to go in casual clothes), at meet-ups/get-togethers with friends, and at clubs (although it’s a little understated compared to others).

My white shirt is the Kawaii top from KawaiiPH‘s first Kawaii in Manila. (They sold it during a con.) My red skirt is from Jellybean, years ago. The grey vest is from 101 New York, also from years ago. My star tights, although unseen, are from Terranova while my shoes are from Parisian. My accessories are from tiangges.

I do hope to post more OOTD photos and posts in the future so I must invest in two things: a full body mirror and a phone with a better camera phone. :P

Yours truly,

AnjReads: Veronica Roth’s “Allegiant” (Spoiler Alert! Rant Alert!)


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I read the Divergent series expecting a really kickass novel similar to the Hunger Games. Oh, I was wrong. I was completely and utterly wrong. I read all three books consecutively within a two week period. Here are my thoughts on the books in one word: Divergent was promising. Insurgent was iffy. Allegiant was just… plain disappointing.

I’ve decided to talk about my reading experience with Allegiant as I have many thoughts about the whole book. I have this need to share it in order to find someone who wouldn’t agree with me and explain to me why Allegiant is good. Please be forewarned that there are spoilers in this post.

Since I already had the beginnings of ill feelings after reading Insurgent, it continued on to the beginning of the third novel where, apparently, Tris is in jail because she betrayed the group by showing the Edith Prior video.

Then, the second chapter started like this:

Of all the times to start having two POVs, why now? I took this with some form of anger. There are many ways to make the story stay in one POV. There could’ve been a TV in the cell broadcasting news and announcements from Evelyn, Tobias/Four’s mother. In the latter part of the story, Tobias/Four did things behind Tris’s back. She could’ve gotten suspicious and decided to follow Tobias/Four around. He was distraught. She didn’t see him around much. Where was he? So she followed him and Nita to the meeting about taking down the institution. It could have happened like that. So why did it have to alternate narratives?

After a few chapters, Tris got out of jail and then, she and Tobias/Four joined the group of Allegiants who wanted their old system back and to find out more about the outside world. Tris was chosen to go outside. Tobias/Four went with her and the other representatives. They left and ended up staying outside in order to begin anew, away from Chicago. That act alone turned me off. Shouldn’t the city be fixed first before fixing the outside world? It was like they chose to run away from their responsibility to the city of Chicago. Not good.

The novel, then, started to be deeply rooted on science by adding the genetics conflict. As explained by the Edith Prior video, the people in the city were supposed to produce genetically pure people, the Divergents, in order to save the world. The genetically pure were the ones with a well-balanced personality. The genetically damaged ones, however, were the ones who don’t. This whole idea just didn’t sit well with me. It got more confusing this way. Couldn’t they just have stuck to the idea of a social experiment and see injustice with using humans like lab rats? Or maybe an incurable disease that made the government quarantine people inside the cities and were tasked to find a cure? That would lead to the city’s conflict — on whether to let the people from the outside in their city, risking contamination and chaos or to save the lives of other people.

The last gripe I have with the whole novel involved deaths. There were pointless deaths. Tori didn’t have to die. Keeping her alive and seeing George alive would’ve made a good plot twist. Tori could wish to no longer participate in anything and just keep George alive. Uriah didn’t have to die too. He and Christina would have had a great life. But, I suppose, the point here was that war can kill anyone and pointless deaths are unavoidable.

Also, I think Tris should not have died although Veronica Roth herself explained on MTV why Tris died. She also posted it on her blog. Tris dying made me want to punch a wall (and honestly Veronica Roth too) for creating a character that, despite her flaws, remained strong up until the end and decided to die for everyone. She could’ve just ended paralyzed or destroyed in another way. After investing in such a powerful yet imperfect heroine, killing her felt off… wrong on many levels.

Overall, the story went downward for me. It rolled down the hill without stopping, with nothing to hold it back and save it from being a really bad read. I must also note that the characters in this particular novel alone did very little to no development at all. In fact, most characters got worse because of the GP-GD thing. In the first two books, there was some form of development for all the characters but some characters actually regressed or stay platonic in Allegiant.

I did like some parts of the book. Some parts were simply quotable, like this moment (below). It is the moment I liked the most because it talked about loving and staying with someone beyond their flaws and beyond fate, destiny, and whatnot.

Right now, I feel rather mum about this book. I have moved on, I suppose. I don’t know if I’ll look forward to the movie adaptation but we’ll see how it turns out. I do like how the movie turned out. It was cool. OwO

Also, I do hope that Veronica Roth would write more books. I would still buy it despite the whole disappointment with her first series. I don’t think she’s getting a book out anytime soon. She just released the book Four recently.

Breathing pages,

PS: One of the things I read for this blog is Buzzfeed’s “The Big Problem with Divergent is Allegiant”. It explains the conflict quite well — and with humor, actually.

Credits for the photo of the book goes to

AnjWears: Steampunk!


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I finally made my dream come true. I wore a steampunk outfit during Cosplay Mania Day 1. Whoooo~

Photo by Richey

Note: Cosplay Mania is a yearly 2-day affair. This year, it was held from October 4 to 5 at the SMX Convention Center.

This is the first time for me to wear a steampunk outfit with fellow steampunk enthusiasts. Weeks ago, I met Lacey Leatherie, a local seller of corsets. She invited me to join her steampunk group and so I did. I have yet to attend the monthly meetings but I do read updates daily. The group planned on going to Cosmania together so I just popped out of nowhere during Cosmania with only Lacey knowing that I’ll go. ;w;

My outfit took time to be completed and I crammed almost everything during the week of Cosmania. The top was made with my wa-loli dress. As mentioned, the corset was from Lacey Leatherie. Those were already on hand prior to the event. The skirt is actually a dress from D’Girl, a stall at Market Market, which I bought that week. The dress is a mix of brown and black. I couldn’t find a skirt in the proper shade so… yes, I improvised. It looked nice in the end especially when I wore the accessories — the fingerless lace gloves, the rings, the choker, and of course, the hat!

The hat was something I crammed the night before. I bought finishes, nuts, and glue along with the hat at Market Market and SM Aura that night. I wanted to have swirls all over the hat but two lines seemed enough. As for the black tulle, fabric roses, and the watch, I found those at home and just sewed it up. It took me two hours to make the hat.

I am honestly not satisfied with this yet. The whole outfit looks good but I know it could be better. I swear that I will not cram the next dress. (Yes, there is a next dress. Ohoho!) I will also work on posing… and my body in general… and props. Even though some steampunk girls leave their hands open, it’s best to have props like a gun. It makes you more badass!

Photo from

Photo also from Richey

Photo from – We were asked to pretend to hit him. I have no weapon and well, violence isn’t my character’s thing so… le gasp pose!!!

I also feel that I should get a bigger corset next time because my chest literally pops out in a really bad way. It’s like I have double Ds and a tiny waist — completely not proportional. :/ I think I should base the size of my underbust corsets on my chest rather than my waist so that I’ll still look natural. (What do you guys think?)

Anyway, I had a blast during the event. I also made new friends who have similar interests. T’was good, clean, awesome fun! XD

Till next time,

AnjWatches: Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends


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My friends and I have discussed watching this movie together a couple of weeks back and well, we managed to pull through the last minute due to scheduling issues throughout the day. We watched it during the first Saturday of its screening (which made me miss Lupin the III the Movie in the cinemas — supposedly, I was going to see the previous week) and IT WAS AWESOME!

This movie picks up where Kyoto Inferno ended but even without watching the aforementioned movie, this one would still make sense. They somehow manage to add flashbacks and explain what happened to the characters at that point of the story.

The awesomeness of the fight scenes are there; however, the fight scenes are compressed into the whole movie so a lot of scenes are pretty much missed. The fight with Soujirou is soooo short. ;A;

My favorite fight scene is the four vs one battle between Kenshin, Sanosuke, Saito, and Aoshi with Shishio. My gosh, that was epic! Sanosuke is very funny!

And, to me, the most heartwarming (literally) was that moment Shishio plunged his sword through Mayumi to wound Kenshin. Obviously, Mayumi dies and, if you have seen the anime, Shishio follows suit as he bursts into flames after carrying Mayumi’s body up the stairs. Very romantic… or I am just really one sick human being. *Warner Bros. didn’t post a photo of that moment so here’s a photo of Mayumi instead~ ;3;

I would definitely watch out for the DVD so that I can watch the movie series over and over again! Salute to the samurai! :D


Thank you to Warner Bros Philippines for the photos! Links may be found below:
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –

AnjReads: Delicacy


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Delicacy is one of the books I bought during the Manila International Book Fair. It is a contemporary French novel written by David Foenkinos about a woman whose life turned upside down due to love and loss.

Natalie is described as the perfect woman. She is beautiful and graceful. She is smart and talented. She meets the love of her life, Francois, on the street and marries him soon after. After seven years of happiness and pure bliss, her husband dies in a tragic vehicular accident, making Natalie untouchable — no matter how much her boss, Charles, woos her. She buries her life in her work which made her successful along the way, becoming the head of her own team. Then, she meets Marcus, a Swedish man described as someone who is the opposite of Natalie — not notable and noticeable at all. Slowly, they develop feeling for each other through random and sudden encounters.

To me, the idea of loving after losing (may it be death or divorce) is nothing new. We see this in many novels and movies like P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (which is the basis of the 2007 movie starring Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler) and Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks (which is also turned into a movie in 1999 starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright). Losing someone you love will definitely cause a major change in one’s lifestyle and personality. It affects what happens next in your life through the decisions you make after the ordeal.

Despite the numerous similar books and movies, Delicacy is unique through the way the story is told. It has what I would call ‘sudden breaks’ wherein the story would pause via a short chapter discussing something of interest to the characters. It gives the reader a better understanding of the characters and the story. Thus, the story should be taken delicately, no pun intended. It is a novel you should give your full attention to so that you may enjoy knowing more about Natalie, Charles, and Marcus.

This book already has a movie, as shown by the book cover featuring the beautiful Audrey Tautou, the lead actress in the 2004 movie A Very Long Engagement, and Francois Damiens.

It took me a day to read this. It’s a short, delightful read despite the topic of loss and grieving. I would recommend this to people who enjoy romance-dramas. Get the book via Amazon by clicking the link here. :D

Keep on reading!


PS: Credits to The Washington Post for the photo of the book. You can read their own review of the book and the photo here.

AnjGoesTo: MIBF, Surrounded by Books


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One of the biggest events on September revolves around books! The Manila International Book Fair is a big convention gathering publishers and bookstores in the SMX Convention Center so that the public can enjoy everything about books in one place.

I have been attending this event for three years. This year is my third time going to this wonderful bookish event! I have gone to this event on a Sunday with two of my most treasured friends. We forgot to take photos together so… derp. Haha.

National Bookstore normally holds mini-events such as book signings and launches. This year, they had many authors lined up including international writers, Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price. But, in order to go with friends, I attended the book signing scheduled the day before.

What did my friends and I do at MIBF? Look around for books. Here are some photos of the books I want for Christmas and my birthday!

Fashion books!

Classics with this cover art style~ They’re Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions. :D

We also saw the biggest book and smallest book in the world, displayed at Rex Bookstore’s stall!

I ended up hauling quite a lot which put up my book-buying ban. There is a special clause to the ban because I already planned to buy some of my friend’s books. I got approval from my sister who is a big factor in my decision-making processes no matter how shallow the matter seems to be.

From National Bookstore:

From Fully Booked:

What did me in was the Eleanor and Park book by Rainbow Rowell. I, for one, had no intention of buying Eleanor and Park. The thing is, when the register rang up the price of the copy my friend is buying, the price is terribly low that I just had to get it. It was too tempting to let go. I kind of pushed the budget to get the novel Let it Snow which included John Green as one of the writers but Eleanor and Park was one heck of a push. ;w;

I still bought Lang Leav’s Lullabies after the event so that I’d be able to get it at its discounted price. (I actually thought I wasn’t going to make it but I found the book hiding behind a counter stand in the customer service booth at NBS Trinoma. This was planned, btw.


Overall, I’m one happy bookworm. No regrets whatsoever. XD

Breathing pages,

AnjGoesTo: Two Events by Jumping Between Cities


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Given that the fashion show, The Naked Truth, got postponed to the following day, I attempted something close to impossible: Attend two consecutive (and somewhat overlapping) events in two different cities which are right next to each other. Mario PH ruins lives. OAO

That morning, I headed to SM Aura for the Jennifer E. Smith (writer of wonderful YA novels The Statistic Probability of Live at First Sight, This is What Happy Looks Like, and The Geography of You and Me) and Lissa Price (writer of the dystopian novels Starters and Enders). I did the usual — line-up, get my number, and eat lunch with book signing buddies.

I got there by 8:30am and I’m already person #101. It’s my first book signing at SM Aura so I don’t know how things work.

I must say that the line was very organized. It also moved quite fast.

Then, I finally got my number. Hello #101. Haha. I didn’t get the third Jennifer E. Smith book because it’s hardbound and would look weird next to the two books that I already have.

After lining up and eating lunch, we even did pilgrimage to Powerbooks – Serendra and Fully Booked – High Street. Totally bookish, ne? Here are some the books I spotted at Fully Booked:

But by noon, I left to prep for my second event, The Naked Truth. I headed to MoA Arena to get my ticket but I was advised to go back by 3pm which is a dilemma because the booksigning might start by 3pm. (Based on experience, NBS booksignings start an hour late.) So I hopped back to SM Aura to find out that…

… the booksigning has started. I missed most of the interview. ;A;

Despite that, I got to hear the one thing I really like to know: advice for aspiring writers. Jennifer E. Smith said to write what you know. As for Lissa Price, she told us to find the books whose authors’ surnames start with the same letter as yours and to make room for your book after. That solicited “awws” from the audience.

I also managed to catch the short Q&A session that followed after. Lissa Price may release an e-novella related to Starters and Enders given that she has written short stories related to the series already.

Most of the other questions are for Jennifer E. Smith. She explained why her novels are normally open-ended. She intended to turn the extraordinary circumstances of her characters come into realistic terms. Although she has no plans for sequels (which saddens us all), she wanted the best for her characters. She also explained why the main conflict of her novels is distance. Her books have no “bad guys” per se. The obstacles are more on circumstances which involves distance. There is no control of where you are, especially as a teenager. It’s interesting to see how young people deal with being pulled apart from one another.

The last question revolved on what inspires them to write. Lissa Price finds inspiration in dealing with different levels of reality. She is able to see this in movies like the Matrix or Inception. Jennifer E. Smith likes rom com movies like Notting Hill and You Got Mail. She hopes to tackle romantic comedy in a less cheesy way in her novels.

As for the final note of the interview, both authors thanked everyone who braved through the storm and lining up very early in the morning to see them and told everyone how beautiful the country is, as it is their first time in the Philippines. Lissa Price promises to come back for a vacation. They also promised to tell all of their writer friends about the country so they’d be able to go. Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan were brought up. (Ahhh!)

It was a loooong excruciating wait to get my books signed but it was worth it. I got a chance to chat with Lissa Price! I asked her about who will choose between Michael and Hyden because she held both of their hands and hinted on a third book. (It must’ve been mentioned during the interview and I didn’t hear about it. ;A;) As for Jennifer E. Smith, I ended up hanging and smiling only. We did hug too! Ah, I have yet to read The Geography of You and Me. TAT

As soon as I got my books signed, I hopped onto a taxi and went back to MoA Arena. Traffic was hellish; I should’ve ridden the train.

I looked like trash by the time I got there but I got my ticket for the show. It’s a standing ticket from Lower Box area — very far from the stage, though; nevertheless, I am thankful that I was able to get one.

My foot throbbed from all the hasty walking/dragging. The wound was still open. So… what did I do now? The thing is, I found an empty seat at the back. I asked the usher if I could stay in that seat until the owner gets there. Luckily, the owner never got there so I was seated throughout the whole show. I couldn’t focus on the show because I was always afraid that the owner would get there and I’d get booted. ;A;

There were many mind stopping scenes in the show which eventually became scandals like Jake Cuenca and his nudity and Coco Martin and the girl on a leash. I think that these issues were blown out of proportion because of the media. There was also Kim Chiu taking off her top, revealing a white Bench bra. In addition, Enchong Dee climbed up a pole.

In terms of sexiness, I have to say that Solenn takes the cake. She is the epitome of sexiness with her outfit. I like her headdress too. Marian Rivera’s body is not given justice with the long skirt. Allison also took the spotlight at one point, being her beautiful self. She walked in a jacket and a pink two-piece suit although I couldn’t be to sure because I am very far from the stage. I found her simply adorable. She took one aerobics ball from the performer and tried to roll it with her — kind of like a cat — but it wouldn’t roll as fast as she was walking so she left it there. ADORBS!

*I won’t post links to the media coverage because I’d have to edit the photos to make it child-friendly. The fiasco that followed after — protests and boycotts and whatnot — are the result of the media not protecting its viewers. We are still a very sensitive and conservative country. The show is rated-18 which should mean that the photos are to be censored for others. Nope, they weren’t censored so issues appeared. (I personally saw the show as art — that there is something more to the whole act — and nothing else.)

Overall, I think the show was marvelous. The ending with the blue led lights falling from the ceiling is so beautiful that I imagine SJ concerts to do that too. Hehe.

All in all, my day was splendid. I made a couple of bad choices but hey, that’s life. I learned from it. I had fun too! :D



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